Was Also A "late Bloomer" And A Bedwetter

Seems there are a lot of us who fit that description! I showed my first signs of physical development at around age 14, which looking back I don't think was incredibly late, but was definitely later than most of my peers and I got a lot of crap for it in the gym locker rooms for a couple of years. At times I would be held down naked in the locker room while the bullies shouted for all my classmates to "come look at my little pee-pee". Thankfully after age 14 I didn't have to take gym anymore, and I did develop eventually (as an adult I'm still on the small side down there, but not tiny) but throughout my teen years I looked physically several years "younger" than I actually was -- it wasn't until I was probably 20 or 21 that I looked like anything close to a fully developed adult, and at least that long before I developed any serious interest in girls or relationships. (I actually got my first chest hair at around age 26, so who knows how long I was actually still "developing"?)

Like many of the others here, I was also a bedwetter for many years growing up -- I had my first dry nights at around 11 and wet sporadically off and on for a long time after that, and even today as an adult still have occasional wet nights. I had problems holding my bladder during the day for very long as a kid also, and had my last accident at school that I can remember at age 14, as a freshman in high school. I've also wondered if there's a connection between late developing in terms of puberty and late development of bladder control. When I was about 10 I actually had my bladder measured and I was told that I had the normal bladder capacity of a 2 year old. I don't know what it would be now but I definitely still have a much smaller bladder than most any other adult I know. I don't generally wear diapers now and am not "into" them as some here are (although I do sometimes wear Goodnites pull-ups when I'll be sleeping away from home and a wet bed is not an option!) -- but I can definitely relate to having a small, weak bladder as well as being a late developer.

Looking forward to getting to know the rest of you here, if anyone wants to chat please feel free to send me a message!
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I believe there is some relationship between late onset of puberty and bladder control. <br />
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The bullying and teasing you experienced as a teen have left scars, and I know what that's like. I was scrawny and nonathletic as well as a bit underendowed, and it caused me to retreat into myself for quite a while. But I recovered, and so shall you.

i have to agree with you, i'm almost 18 and have not started puberty yet, i have been to the doctor about it and he said, although unusual to be prepubescent at my age, it does happen. I am so ashamed of my body and avoid undressing in front of others, especially after gym class, all my friends have breasts and pubic hair but i still look like a 10 year old, Mum is really sympathetic and because she was a late developer she can relate, Ifeel my parents treat me like a younger child because of the way i look and they are very strict, if i misbehave i am spanked on my bare bottom and i have a much earlier bedtime than my friends. I've noticed i have to wee more often than my friends, who can go for hours. I rarely wet my panties but occasionally wake up in wet pjs, mum or dad usually wake me before they go to bed and even though i'm half asleep they take me to the toilet for a wee. , I usually avoid sleepovers but i will stay at my cousins house because my aunt knows i sometimes wet at night and she too wakes me up during the night for a wee . I would never want to wear a nappy or pull-ups to bed , i would feel like such a baby and luckily my parents have never suggested i do.

I can relate to lots of things you say about yourself, as you can see from my post in this group just before yours. I'm quite sure that with me there was a connection between puberty and my bladder control. Up to my puberty starting my bladder control had been getting better, but as my puberty started, all happening slowly, my bladder control got very suddenly worse. I had been dry, but one morning I woke with a wet bed, and after that my bedwetting became regular, as it still is. A couple of weeks after I started wetting the bed, I suddenly lost control one day and wet my pants. That occasion was OK because I was out cycling in shorts, but then I started having more accidents, and I had to start thinking about my wee more and more, and in a way I still do.

There is NO rule which says what "normal" size of penis is<br />
I have a small one<br />
so what?