Late Puberty And Diapers

It’s interesting that all of us who are here because we got into puberty late are also into wearing diapers. I always wondered if there’s a connection between the two.  I began liking diapers when I was 7- way before I knew what puberty was.  It sort of seemed fitting when I got older and didn’t show signs of developing like the other boys were, as though it served me right for my penis to still be small and hairless  because I still secretly wanted it to be kept in diapers.  I’m sure all of us were pretty shy about undressing in front of other boys our age who we knew were more developed than we were.  I wanted to keep it a secret that I still looked like a little boy when I was naked, the same as I did my wanting to wear diapers. Both things were a source of shame for me and definitely seemed closely linked. I wonder what the rest of you think about this.

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i too went through puberty at a late age , i had no hair till well into high school , thee was two others like me .. everyone else had a nice bush ... i was like a little boy and i too wanted to wear back then . i was also a bedwetter well into high School you may be onto something !

I love your ep name! It conjured up quite an image.

I have also wondered if it worked the other way around. If having a small **** or late developement spurred diaper needs. What do you think?

Diaper john when did u get a full bush?

<p>I think I went through puberty at a normal age (~ 12 yrs old), but the diaper thing started for me just after being taken out of them (2-3 yrs). There was a strange longing in my soul to have them back, knowing that other kids still enjoyed them around me. Maybe it was the new "rule" that doodoos needed to be done in the trainer potty (stunk pretty bad and looked terrible) or having to eventually figure out how to use the big potty (learning to wipe and all that other nonsense of flushing, etc...), but somehow I just got stuck at that point in my life, needing the further comfort & convenience of wearing diapers.</P><br />
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As for size and hiding yourself in the locker room, I think most of us probably felt we were undersized, even if we weren't. The penis and scrotum go through so many size fluctuations in response to activity, temperature, sexual excitement, etc. that I think most of us were just more or less in hiding after a good class of physical education. The shower was sort of intimidating, but I made every effort to avoid looking, lest I be labeled as a queer (that's what they were called back then, not gay, and not even f-a-g-s [those were cigarettes]). Being openly gay was not very acceptable in this 50's & 60's, so openly oggling someone else's manhood in the showers would have made you look terribly weak. Still, I'm sure most worried about how they looked, since it was the first time being exposed completely in public. Good reason for the lil guy to go into hiding.<br />
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<p>As for being diaper wearers, we all seem go through this for different reasons, and at slightly different times in our lives, and yet we all appear to have arrived at this same point in adult lives of still yearning for diapers and those innocent long-gone days of childhood...</P><br />
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<p>Strange world.</P>

I am not sure I completely agree. I know I had desires to be back in diapers when I was 4 or 5 years old and have very clear memories related to this from 5 or 6. I was a bed wetter until just after I turned 13. It was also close to this time that my puberty started.

I do not feel there is a connection because my desire for diapers was not tied to wetting when I was a kid. In fact I did not want to be wet, I am sure this had to do with the diaper selection of the time and the fact that I wet so late. Also puberty was not really all that late at early 13 back then.

Today there are tons of kids that go through puberty earlier and there is a fair occurrence of diaper attraction between those who went through early, normal and later puberty.

Diaper attachment is more tied to bed wetting but not all the time. In my case the diapers were a desire to regress which was a result of stress, conflict and abuse. Interestingly high occurrences of bed wetting is tied to constipation that is a result of a child exhorting control often as a result of the same psychological stressors. There are also a prevalent number of bed wetting cases that are also maturity and habit based. In my case my bed wetting may have been related to chronic constipation as a kid which I feel related to my diapers. I never wanted to use the potty to mess, I wanted to use a diaper so I held it. Again I feel this was a reaction to extreme stress.

In studying and interviewing many others I would say late puberty is possibly related to some bed wetting causes and would mean there is a higher liklihood to diaper interest. This is highlited by the increasing use of diapers for those who wet the bed (diapers, goodnites, pull-ups, etc) which results in more late diaper use. However, those that wet the bed and wear some sort of diaper and go through puberty early or at a normal age are far more likely to develop a diaper attraction if they are still using the diapers when puberty starts.

Keep in mind that puberty does not start at a specific age, it starts between a range of ages, and it is not really late until we get close to or beyond the end of that range. It is also not uncommon for a boy to start showing signs of puberty far before full on puberty is obvious. For me this is also the case as I was showing some mild signs as early as 12 even though I was 13 when it was obvious I was going through puberty. As in many things puberty is not just a switch that is flipped and all of a sudden you are in puberty, it has a gradual onset.

A couple of other comments that were interesting to me were about pubic hair. I do not believe there is a relation here either and there are some that report being embarrassed because they did not have hair as early as others of the same age. I was quite the opposite. Wile I never wanted others I see me naked I also was devastated when my hair started to grow. I wanted to remain little so I could be in diapers. Again, this is likely related to the regressive nature of my diaper interests.

What you said seems to make sense. I was 15 before I started developing.

It all kind of seems to go together for me, yeah.

I think there's something in that idea that late puberty and weeing a lot are connected. Up to about 14 I was a regular bedwetter and very accident prone. Then I dried up and for the next three years my bladder control was OK but my puberty didn't start and eventually I had some injections when I was nearly 17. They worked and my puberty started to clock in, but as it did, my bladder started getting weaker. First, I woke one morning with a wet bed and I returned to regular bedwetting like when I was a kid. Then a couple of weeks later when I was out one day I wet my pants without any warning, and I did it more and more as my puberty developed. I've been the same ever since, but living and working in the country, I can mostly wee as often as I want and only have to wear diapers occasionally for towns and so on.

Hey Diaperboyjon, you never said what age you were? One thing I can say is that I never thought about all the things that where making me the way I was because I alway thought I was the only one, really. Some of the thing that you guy's touched on definitely applies to me though.