My Puberty

I was a lte blommer. It started actually after I became 15. Till 15 I had just breast buds and no hair down there. I use to get worried a lot as all my friends were in puberty.

I consulyed doc but they told me not to worry.

Finally after my 15th birtday, I started to get my first pubes and buds in my chest.

It tool a year to develope my body 

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13-15, F
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Puberty is very different for everyone. Hope you enjoy your bigger buds now.

im 14 can you add me to your friends

It won't let me add you harjob as a friend : (

Yeah Lilswet, it did bother me till I was assured by doc saying it is normal.<br />
Thanks for the comment

I'm pretty sure that girls go into puberty at a younger age than boys do, so I'm sure you can relate to feeling that you have got to be the oldest one not to have pubic hair. I had eye's and could see kids that where a lot younger than I was and where way more developed. You didn't say if this bothered you a lot or not, but to me, it kept me feeling like I was still a baby and that mentally hurt me a lot.