I Think I Was Almost 16 When I Started To Change

but even to this day i have many others tell me it was time to grow up.

amd have had many faces of shock when i tell them i do not have to grow up till i am potty trained


but i gues that man not be total true i was potty trained once, then i was in a plane crash in 1967 and lost control from that over time due to no change of feeling of need same with bowel control it is a sudden need

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i think i am life goes on and we have choices as to how we live it<br />
<br />
I think other things in my past are still more of a problem then diapers<br />
<br />
not sure how much the diapers or incont has played in reralation ships it was the stated reasin but i think it goes back more to the abuse and in many ways the fear of getting close to others

Well, it's hard to tell by your story, but by the look of your profile picture, can we assume that your OK with the fact that you have to wear diapers still?