I've been doing yoga for about 4 years now but I usually practice on my own and only go for about 30 minutes at a time.  I went to a Bikram yoga class tonight though, it's known as 'hot' yoga.  They turn the heat up to 98-100 degrees and you do a lot of balancing poses.  It was a lot of poses that I don't usually practice and was quite intense.  It really kicked my a$s but I feel great and $20 bought me classes for the whole week.  Unfortunately for a month unlimited is $145 so I'm not going to be able to afford that right away but this week will be awesome. 
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haha....I still haven't heard an instructor talk about poo during a session but there does seem to be more openess about the human body amongst yoga peeps. I haven't heard of the wind removing pose either....I've probably done it before but under a different name.

Wow, that sounds like a horrible experience......I would have quit going there, too. <br />
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The place I go to is run by a family of the most mellow hippies in the world. Dad, 2 daughters usually run the classes. The dad is hilarious, especially when he starts talking about poo during the Wind Removing Pose. <br />
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Hm, I guess you'd have to have been there! :P

I'm just getting into pilates so I've got a ways to go. I have back and neck issues that I'm hoping will be helped by strengthening my back. <br />
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That's cool you have a nice guru...the first bikram studio I went to was really cool, they seemed to care about you and your experience. The next place I went to was run by nazis I swear. I had a month to go but stopped after a few classes. Their carpet was slippery so when we did wide leg poses I had to stay on my mat to keep from slipping (I have long legs). The instructors had everyone in the class doing these poses off the mat. They "corrected" me saying that we all have to be doing the same thing, telling me to get off my mat. I explained to them that my feet slip and someone in the class said "All our feet slip!" in the rudest tone imaginable. Apparently the people who go to that studio are nazis too. Anyway, it's definitely good to have a good instructor.

I like Pilates a lot. I did it for about a year before I ever set foot in a Bikram studio, and all of that core work has really helped with a lot of the more challenging yoga poses. <br />
<br /> guru is nice. She lets us lie down for a bit on our mats if we are feeling giddy or nauseated.

I definitely want to get into Pilates. It's a great workout to balance with traditional yoga. And much cooler! ;P

yeah if you're prone to passing out it's not for you. that's one of the reasons I don't go anymore. I had a head injury a few years back and I still feel faint sometimes if I twist into the wrong position. Try pilates, it's killer without the 100 degree heat.

I've wanted to try Bikram but the heat scares me off because I'm prone to passing out. There I'd be, twisted up like a pretzel, and then bam! Flat on my sweaty face! :D

Thanks SRH...i've recently taken up pilates and I'm loving it...ever tried it before?

I usually have good results if I eat a bowl of oatmeal w/ a handful of raisins cooked in, plus 1 cup of coffee. I eat that 3 hours before class. <br />
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One hour later I eat half a banana. That's it.....anything more and I feel nauseous during class.

a small light meal is good for sure but not too soon cause with all that bending and twisting you don't want food in your stomach....I think the idea would be to eat a small meal 2 hours before so you have nutrients in your blood but not in the tummy :)

yeah, , I think i'm going to have a small light meal the next time I go. I'm looking forward to my next class!

I remember almost passing out a few times too. It's good to be on an empty stomach but for bikram yoga I think you should eat a good sized meal a few hours before so you have enough energy.

Ooh! I just had my first class last week. It kicked my butt too. (those balancing poses got me too) I came to class on a totally empty stomach and almost passed out but the rest of the class was awesome, hard but awesome.

Awesome, glad I could be of service :)

shrieking with laughter over here!!!!!!!

Oh really FunkyRooster you went to a Bikram yoga class? Wow, I'm totally into yoga too! It really pays off in the sack huh?