My Ode To The Catholic Church


The Catholic church, impressive, lots of glittering gold

Grand edifices, big cathedrals, only to blind the hoard

From what has really gone on behind closed doors

That would make you sick to your stomach; for years


Priests with glittering hats, long staffs, fancy robes

Have preyed on young children who have fallen for the spell

That they needed a false prophet to make it in life

In reality, their religion lead them from heaven to hell


The abuse of their flock at a very young age, when

The kids couldn’t fight back, didn’t know another route

And now it’s coming out, the evil that was spread

The abuse of young children, cannot suppress the truth


That’s not to say, the abuse was not small scale, but

When many fingers are pointed at the current pontiff

Is it me? You wonder just how deep the ********** is

How much they have covered up to maintain peace.


But if religion is your bag, and you have given your heart

To those who sit in Rome, all is not lost for you, at least

you know right from wrong, humanity is high on your chart

The people at the top don’t share your views; they are beasts


For what they have done to those who couldn’t defend themselves

And sullied your good name, tarnished all over the news

Time for the people to take it no more, distance yourselves

From the Vatican, it’s backward, outdated, for sure


Please catholic’s wake up to how divinely special you are

You don’t need a man with a silly hat to tell you the score

Jesus was just like you and I, a good alchemist even

The bonus is, there is no hell, no fear, no heaven


What proof do you have of the man, except an old book?

Which was written sixty years after Jesus’s death

Can you remember what you did sixty years ago?

I doubt you could, the bible, it’s just a spiritual handbook.


It’s confusing too, money’s the root of all evil

Yet you need cash in life; be successful, pay bills

But with the bible in it, the worlds a better place

Life guidance, where otherwise a complete absence



Still the catholic church worry me more than a little

Spreading god’s word to places they are better off without

God’s a false profit anyway, though not to the pope

Who’s corporation’s influence is growing; no doubt.


But in only a few years, everyone will know the bible’s fabricated

As the earth undergoes huge changes and belief systems collapse

Disciples of all religions will be confused, as now, some hated

Just remember how divinely special you are and love thy neighbour


 Peace x




41-45, M
May 16, 2010