Helped Me A Lot

I am not Catholic but I wasn't doing very well at my local school so when I was 12 my grandparents paid for me to go to a private Catholic school about ten miles away. My friend went there so I had someone to travel with. I got on much better there than at my local school and most of the teachers were okay. When I was 15 my grandad retired and said he could not afford to keep me there and it didn't matter so much now I had improved. But the school let me stay on an extra year for nothing so I could take my GCSEs there. So I owe them a lot. My mate said they probably let me stay another year for nothing because they fancied me lol but I dont think that was true. They wanted me for the school rugby team though.
Angliaboy Angliaboy
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 24, 2010

You haven't got the hang of this group Angliaboy, you're not supposed to say how nice they were to you:-)