And you could tell. The school was on two sites, and one of the sites was own by monks. Anyway, onto my story. This is how one day a couple of parents decided to show our school how to handle bullies the right way. Needless to say, things really got out of control.

One day when I was probably in the lower end of the school, so maybe 12ish, I was on the school bus going down the lane towards the school when I saw out of the window what looked to be a BBC News van complete with cameraman. Next I saw this giant banner which proclaimed ' Beat Back at Bullies!'. And there was practically most of the school that had arrived standing around on the pavement blowing into their hands. I got off the bus and ran to a huddle of friends wondering what on earth was happening. They looked around at me and showed me briefly a blue whistle in each of their hands before they blew them really hard in my face. They then gave me one, telling me that some parents were having some protest about bullies and that they were instructing everyone to blow the whistles at bullies. We wandered into the quad and could see through one of the windows that policemen had actually turned up. Turns out the protest wasn't exactly 'legal'. So the parents moved from the school side of the road to the other side, which is a field. Things got pretty out of hand at that point. Most of the school by then had gone onto the field and had begun to do synchronised whistling. They even did ' God save the Queen'.  Me and my friends peered into the teacher car park to see 2-3 police cars there, kind of made you think they thought they had a riot going on. Well, at 9:45pm, only 15 minute before school should start, the bell went and some teachers ran out onto the field to get everyone inside to their form rooms. Some of the lads weren't going to go easily and one faced the cameraman who was eagerly filming everything and yelled ' Save us!'. By this point I was sitting on a bench safetly in the quad out of the way and giggling with my friends. It truly was a sight to see. When we got to our form rooms and had sat down, our form tutor then began to tell us all that they needed to confiscate all our whistles, or else we'd be excluded for a couple of days, which I thought was pretty unreasonable. Thankfully my whistle at that point had made it into my sock, so even if they did a bag search, which they did do, my whistle wasn't found. All in all, it was one of the most eventful days of my school career. I shall remember it fondly. I also must find my whistle again. Maybe give it to my sister to take to school with her tomorrow to give the teachers a fright.

And my big tip here is, whistles make excellent school entertainment, even at supposidly strict 'posh' schools like mine :)

And don't forget to kit our your children, brothers, nieces, nephews, sisters, grandchildren and so forth out with them on their next school day :)

 If your child is punished I shall deny any and all charges of being the one to give you all this idea :)

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Same here

What an interesting way to stand up to bullies as a group! That's unusual!!

I enjoyed reading that story! They were basically setting themselves up giving teens whistles during a "parent disagreement" and with cameramen around hehe. Nothing THAT eventful went on at my highschool unless we were planting trees and Rogers was bored... lucky. (:<br />
Verbal bullying used to be effective until eventually I just thought-said "and...?" When things got and get physical is when it gets tougher but it's all the same, just insecure teens who think their sh!t smells sweet normally in front of their friends because they're always in packs! Heh!

Good articles, thanks for sharing.

I went to catholic school. I was bullied in elementary and highschool. I even had some bad experiences in my freshman year of college. Finally it stopped in my sophmore year. <br />
<br />
I think bullying had a very negative effect on me. It took me years to recover. <br />
<br />
I have a very good life. I have been married for over 28 years. We have a house and we both make good money. We are very blessed.<br />
<br />
To all the bullies in the world, " **** YOU!!!!!"<br />
<br />
I wonder if the bullies remember what they did to me?

Bullies are scared...

I am so sad .i dont understand the writer what mean.because my english is poor. wuwu...who can help me.

One of my big brothers somehow was given the nickname 'the goon' in our catholic grade school and I remember one time while we were walking home, these guys beat him up. I was standing there holding his books..it was horrible. We never told our parents what was going on in school, bastards. They only called him that and picked on him because of how he looked. He's gone now, but I still remember that day and how helpless I felt.

Thanks for sharing. In my experience bullies are actually pretty pathetic beings and cant take people standing up to them. Which I do as a matter of routine. They always run away. Maybe one day they will grow a backbone.


i went to a christian school and it can be just as hard there to

That is one of the ironically humorous stories I have ever read! Damn, I wish I could hve been there!

A teacher once told me that when she had been young and being bullied, her teacher told her that she should point and laugh at the bully.<br />
<br />
Therefore, whenever this bully looking like she was coming near her; she and a group of friends would stand pointing and laughing. The bully eventually became so embarassed by this that they turned a new leaf and stopped picking on them!

That makes sense. People usually bully because they're insecure.

I like the idea of blowing the whistle on bullies. If only it were that simple to get bullies to leave you alone by whistling. The sad thing is, some bullies could get worse just by witnessing the act of whistling.

Thank you :)

I shall get some whistles for future gifts. Great story!