I Went To Catholic School

I went to Catholic School from grades 1-12, studied nursing at a Catholic college & trained at a Catholic hospital. Talk about being indoctrinated. The cutest guy in our parochial school decided he wanted me for his girlfriend & I was the most hated girl in school. Of course this was not allowed & I got in trouble a lot because this guy's aunt was a nun in the same order so every love note, card, picture was sent to the principal & I was made to feel like the school harlot. I experienced my first real kiss with this person. It was fun being the most envied girl in school. We broke up after about a year because the girls were always all over him & I got sick of it. He was a year ahead of me & I never heard much from him after he graduated 8th grade. I kinda wonder what happened to him.
Ladyjedimaster Ladyjedimaster
56-60, F
Apr 24, 2012