Single Sex Catholic School

I went to an all boys Catholic high school in Auckland, New Zealand.

I really loved the school and couldn't imagine going to a different school. I achieved a lot and made some really close friends.

My only complaint is that in university I now find it hard to talk to girls, whether I am attracted to them or not. I put it down to shyness, but if there had been girls at my high school I think I wouldn't have this problem as much.

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2 Responses Jun 11, 2008

I am more the opposite, pretty bad at communicating to anybody but especially girls and I think it's because I went to an all boys school.<br />
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If I'm shopping and the person at the desk is a girl my age, I will generally swap to another line if there is a guy

I go to an all girls school, and I am afraid that I won't have any connections with any guys. The reason why I am worried is because I know that I communicate with males better than females, its my nature.