went to catholic school,knew early on it was my parent's religion,not for me!the nuns and priests were 8 yrs i can say there was 2 nuns whom were angels.the others hateful,especially towards the slower kids.i was one,alcholic dad,ranting all night,terrified and then terrified at school,if one would have asked i would have said us kids have nothing,he drank it!thats why i look raggedy and would have said and by the way ,at 2 am while you were resting i was at 8 yrs old trying to ease the loaded and cocked gun away from moms head.wish i could go back now and land on thosethat whipped with rulers and slapped and cut with their tongues.ugh-guess you know at 14 never entered a catholic church again and truly no church besides wedding or 2.
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it goes deeper,as a kid,we were afraid ,the saint statues would strike us,we were going to hell and a lightning bolt would get us sent by God.i was afraid of the saints and GOD.they were not nice people .i'd like to find nuns to talk with over this.any idea where i can find any?maybe their own web site?

one way to look at it is it all built character-i guess.

My experience with catholic schools was positive and I think the majority of people do have.

There was only one nun and she was lovely.

I think the problem of putting lots of people together and forcing celibasy and giving them lots of stress is a playground for the devil to do some serious damage to children.

He knows he will do some deepfelt damage.

I hope your relationship with God does not suffer because of your experience.

Then this is a victory for the devil.



Just one more thing to add,
The nuns and priests were often poorly paid ,which also does not help.
These things are not excuses for abuse but they helped to make it happen.
I would like to say a prayer for you if you don,t mind.
God bless.

back then we were told the nuns kept some pay for personal but most went to the church,they would borrow a car to get out some times.the priest wpould go out with peole drinks and dinner,they had cars and a maid.well,now i am more back in touch with God but not so sinse the nuns,many yrs in-between.was let down and no explanation.that was my dads religion forced on me!it was good for him as he could rant and drink and abuse,confess on fri.resume and church sun and resume.5 days of church at school and then sun.there was no youth service-all we got was latin and the sermon for adults and boring and lest not forget the nuns and priest said lightning would srike ud dead-always.we were taught by fear and intimidation!!!

oh yes,i would like for you to say a prayer and i wonder if any nuns or priests are on here?would love to ask questions,although,they would be the younger ones and could not explain the older ones.

It is sad that is how things were.
I am glad things moved on,
Am sure they are still not perfect but hopefully a step in the right direction.
I myself am not overly religious,but I do touch base from time to time when I feel like going to church.
I am not sure how important religion is,more important is a relationship with God and Jesus,not a religion,which many people do.
But God is no fool.
Hypocrites are only fooling themselves.
Good luck.

Unfortunately in the 50s and 60s , many teachers lent more towards discipline ,then love.
They may have felt that was what was needed at that time.
I think that was a difficult time to live as so many would have experienced war ,where all the rules seem to have gone .
The nuns are human but the words of Christ are immortal so I hope people do not let the harm done to them stop them from knowing God.
Otherwise this would be a victory for the devil.

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