went to catholic school,knew early on it was my parent's religion,not for me!the nuns and priests were 8 yrs i can say there was 2 nuns whom were angels.the others hateful,especially towards the slower kids.i was one,alcholic dad,ranting all night,terrified and then terrified at school,if one would have asked i would have said us kids have nothing,he drank it!thats why i look raggedy and would have said and by the way ,at 2 am while you were resting i was at 8 yrs old trying to ease the loaded and cocked gun away from moms head.wish i could go back now and land on thosethat whipped with rulers and slapped and cut with their tongues.ugh-guess you know at 14 never entered a catholic church again and truly no church besides wedding or 2.
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it goes deeper,as a kid,we were afraid ,the saint statues would strike us,we were going to hell and a lightning bolt would get us sent by God.i was afraid of the saints and GOD.they were not nice people .i'd like to find nuns to talk with over this.any idea where i can find any?maybe their own web site?

one way to look at it is it all built character-i guess.