Never Going Back! Well, Maybe a Class Reunion.

I applied to my high school not really knowing anything about it, as a backup plan since I was afraid of not getting into the public/testing school in my town. I ended up getting into both, and got a full scholarship to the Catholic school. How this happened I will never know. I wrote a really long essay where I talked about the values of God and stuff. Lies, all lies. My family was never religious.

From dress code (compounded my body image problems to no end) to Christian Sexuality class (induced lots of unreasonable shame) to really ridiculous administration (accused my friend and I of having sex in an empty classroom without actually accusing us because they don't talk about sex, and they were wrong by the way) to mandatory masses (once I put a host in my pocket to save for later, omg!!!!), it was pretty much torture. Fortunately, my awesome teachers, friends, and poetry club made it almost bearable.

parallelport parallelport
18-21, M
Jul 3, 2007