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I went to public school kindergarten through 8th grade. When mom found out there was a way to send me to catholic school at reduced tuition, she started making noises about sending me there. She gave me no choices... ever.

I had switched schools so often that I did not want to go because I had, for the first time in my life, made some friends in 8th grade. I wanted to stay with them. Again though, no choices. Mom stuck her nose in the air and said it was a "college preparatory academy." *****, it was a high school. Besides, I didn't want to go to college. I wanted to go into the building trades. I think that to be a Union pipefitter would be right around cool.

I hated the fact that dissenting opinions were not tolerated. And another thing--- catholic schools do not prepare kids for college. I did go on to a university and graduate, but like all college folks, I had to learn to think on my own, which I could not do in high school. There are high schools where if a student fails or skips a class, the only thing that happens is they lose privileges (sports, etc.) and have to retake the class. Just like in college. We could not even do that in my high school.

I love the people I met but ultimately... I think public school would have been a better fit. And one last thing. There is one guy in my class who joined the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union local in our town. He started out as a laborer, then the apprenticeship and is now a journeyman. He is happy, and in this crummy economy, he is financially successful. More so than a lot of the university people.

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I never had to go to catholic school, and I'm glad. I'm not sure it it would have worked for me. Like you said, public school was a better fit.