They Hated Me, But I Loved It!

I went to an all girls, convent school from 11 to 16. It was tiny, strict and very religious. Needless to say, I didn't fit in that well. Thank god there was a small group of us though. I was always in trouble, only for silly things though. My heels were always too high (not even 2 inches!), I made other girls feel 'threatened', I had 'attitude', I never wore the appropriate uniform, was too cheeky blah blah. But nevertheless, it was so fun. The teachers loved me, but the nuns/sisters really didn't. My mother went to the school when she was younger, and I was always being compared! However some how I managed to get straight A's- that certainly shut them up.

I used to wind the nuns up so much, was so funny at the time. Thank god I've grown up. I was supended twice and was MADE TO CONFESS to the priest once a term. I just used to say I was pregnant haha.... I loved school!

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Very amusing story, I like your spirit. What did your parents say when you got suspended? Being compared to your mother? That's weird. It must indeed be tiny. How many pupils?

I really enjoyed your story about Catholic School. My<br />
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kids went to Catholic school as well. It wasn't all girl.<br />
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They liked to " wind the nuns up " too. I am glad that <br />
<br />
you had a good experience!