So Not A Christian School

Well, I went to a school, apparently it's a church-going school, but the people are absolute jerks. They're disrespectful, nasty and verbally abusive. The kids never stopped bullying me, constantly every single day for 2 years. 2 years may not sound very long, but actually, think about, you're going to school every single day apart from the holidays. It was hell, not exactly what I call a Christian school.

It reached the point where I loathed myself, I hated myself so much because of the constant bullying. I honestly started to believe I was a retard, just like everyone said. I have a disability, which has caused a load of problems, so to be bullied and have my self-esteem ruined, is pretty much torture.

Luckily, my mum and dad took me out of the school, and started home-educating me, since school was got too much. Sadly, lots of people aren't that lucky, some children's parents are both in work, so therefor can't home-educate them. I would have kept on going, I know I'm strong enough, but it wasn't just the bullying, I wasn't learning anything, the classes weren't very good, but also people were just interrupting my learning.

I don't know why that school has got so many good reviews, it's a devil hut not Christian place...sadly lots of schools are like it. You get bullies everywhere.
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Sep 14, 2012