I Went Last Night!

I went out last night it was the first time in such a long long time that i had been out n enjoyed it in my hometown!!

I went with a group of girls from work n we just let our hair down n enjoyed every minute of it even through the pain of our feet!!

I had a cry before i went out tho about my size! i felt so fat n it didn't help that my mum said i didn't look very good in the corset i had just brought! so i was late as i had to find the biggest top i had to hide my belly!!! =-( n to reapply my wonderfully smudged make up!!!

I was so self conscience in the 1st club i was in n didn't feel comfortable at all i thought i just looked a mess as there were ugly girls with beautiful figures dancing around the dance floor flaunting themselves! i just felt fat, ordinary n ****!

When we got into the other club i thought i cant be bothered just standing in a corner I'm gonna dance n just as i said that Don't Cha came on n i thought yeah I'm gonna do it n dance as much as my poor feet will let me!!

My best mate was there n we just danced n danced!! alot of the guys n girls were looking at us but i just didn't care i just carried on!

I got so many compliments on my clothes figure and dancing which i really wasn't expected!!

N that night me n my best mate made 2 new friends who we were very proud of saying were there friends one was a off duty cop!!! n very good looking!!
Hee hee =-)

But i cant believe it started in tears n ended in laughter!!

N next month i will be going out again n I'm gonna wear the corset even if my mother doesn't approve as i thought n my best mate thought i looked lovely in it!!!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Mar 11, 2007