Went To Lamb Of God Concert!!!!%)

I went to a lamb of god concert year of 05 back when I was just a sophe in high school. The line was huge. I was dressed all gothed out. A black mini dress with studs all around it. My creation(props to me). There was cops at the entrance frisking everybody that went in (the rainbow ballroom). Ha but that didnt stop the pot from coming in. It hella smelled like mj. There was this hella gothed out dude with the robe and white makeup that was just walking around asking peoople if they wanted a puff..lol....There were people taking there clothes of lol. I sat down for a few minutes in the mini restaurant and there was this chick just wearing this fishnet shirt and a black bra and she literally took off the shirt and the bra. She was like damn its hot in here. lol.she was hot too. Okay sooo when the moshpit started to grow I went on the sidelines kind of far away from the pit but that didnt stop the pit from coming to me lol.  I was totally zoned out on lamb of god ( god there hot) lol..well yeah as I was zoned out on them there was these guys that pushed me and some dude grabbed my mini fn dress from my back and tried to pull it down lol... He kinda did I kinda flashed a bit lol %).. Soo many hot dudes and the music was killer..had an awesome time
heca heca
18-21, F
Jul 21, 2010