The Vines - Manchester Academy

I went to one of the best concerts in my life.  No, the best concert in my life.  I was a shy alkward teen and I got the chance to see "The Vines" in concert at Manchester academy!  It was an amazing experience.  Not just because Craig from the vines is completly crazy, which I love, but because the atmosphere was magic.  There was a huge mosh at the front and I was propper moshed out by the end of the gig.  I also remember listening to the radio a couple of years later with the Arctic Monkeys.  The interviewer said what was the best gig you had ever been to?  One of the band members said - oh we went to see The Vines in Machester Academy! The same year I went. 

I haven't seen the vines since, and I've grown up a bit since my mosh days but at least I have the memory!
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1 Response Mar 23, 2011

what is mosh :/