The Year Of Concerts.

In March of this year, I went to the concert of my absolute favourite band. It was amazing. I knew all of the songs and they are phenomenal live. My only complaint was that we were pretty far away from stage. I got some pretty good pictures though.

The main reason I started this story was to tell about a concert i went to last week. I can't describe how amazing it was. It was of a band that I do enjoy, but they weren't entirely one of my favourite bands. If they came up on shuffle on my iTunes, 70% of the time I would skip the song.

This concert definitely changed that though. I went with friend, and before we got there we were in some pretty bad traffic. I was worried we wouldn't even get tickets because we were planning on buying them at the venue. We drove and drove, and we eventually got there about an hour and a half before the doors were to open.

There was this pretty cool thing where if you bought $20 worth of stuff at the place (House of Blues), like food or merchandise, you would be able to "Pass The Line". This meant that we would get into a line that was in front of the main line to get into the concert. Only $20? Yes please.

We bought drinks, food, whatever just to get over the $20. When we were done we had about 30 minutes until the concert so we wandered around the city for 10 minutes and decided to get back in line.

When we got there, the place was still empty. I was shocked. Were we really that early? I thought maybe we were in the wrong place until some other concert-goers showed up. Once I saw those people, I realized that it meant we were first in line. I was really excited.

So shortly after, they checked tickets, gave us bracelets, etc. We finally headed to the music hall and we planted ourselves front and center of the stage. I couldn't get over it. We waited for an hour and a half, staring at a stage curtain. It was pretty brutal. Then the opening band played; you know how that is.

Anyways, finally the band came on, and I was nervous for some reason. Maybe because we were right in front of them and they would probably look at me? Maybe I was worried they would be bad and I would be let down from all the excitement I had built up? Who knows.

They started playing, and it was perfect. The singing, the instruments, the vibe. I love concerts, especially when you get up in front with all the people who REALLY want to be there like me. Everyone knows the lyrics and everyone is screaming and excited. They dance to all the songs pay attention to the band and only the band. I love it; I can dance and sing and feel so happy and free and no one is judging me. I'm just blending in. I can scream and act like a teenage girl seeing her favourite boy band or something. It's pretty nice. You're bumping into people and looking like an idiot, but everyone there is there for the same reason and doing the same as you, enjoying this band that you love in the same way you want to when you're imagining yourself seeing them in person, while just laying in bed at night. I probably just confused anyone reading this, but what I'm really just saying is, I love concerts.

So, they played their music and it was lovely, but the shining moment of the concert for me was when, during their third song, one of the singers knelt down right in front of me and made eye contact. On a usual occasion, normal me would have just smiled at him and probably looked away blushing. But concert me reached towards him (probably still blushing, that part doesn't change) like a fanatic, and in return he grabbed my hand for a couple moments. I, again, acted like a crazed teenager right after, jumping and squealing. It was perfect. It probably doesn't sound as exciting as I felt at the moment, but it was pretty special to me. I just feel so much more connected with the band now.

After that, I just wish I could go to every concert front and center. It set the bar high up for other shows I plan on going to. I have a checklist of bands to see (I've gotten through more than half!). In any case, any concert is good fun wherever you are placed, but obviously it's always better to be up close.
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May I ask, what concerts were those? And by the way, your icon kicks ***.

Lol at the hand grabbing you did...when I saw Halestorm live, i happened to be in the front row, and remember getting stupidly excited over her shaking my hand...she's hot, gimme a break lol.

side note, i have been to two concerts where being up close was not good! one was papa roach, Jacoby Shaddix kept spitting REALLY close to me and i did not want that on me AT ALL! second, actually that was Halestorm as of the opening bands' singer had a bead of sweat fly off and land directly in my mouth :/ if it were Lzzy Hale i might not have cared so much, but it was a sleezy looking dude lol

haha! totally understandable.

so wait...I read the story again just now and I didn\'t figure out...which band was this?!?!

i never mentioned it, but it was a band called The Cat Empire!

never even heard of them XD so is that considered to be your best concert all-time?

yeah, they\'re not that big, but i love them. haha. but yes, it definitely was! it definitely set the bar high for any concerts i go to in the future.

yeah...Alter Bridge and Slash both set the bar super high for me as well...only a few others have even gotten up to that point!

that\'s awesome. such great experiences though, i love concerts.

definitely. who else are you planning to see so soon?

there\'s a couple: two door cinema club, arctic monkeys, and alt-j. i probably won\'t be able to go to all of them, but hopefully at least one!

ahhh ok so you\'re an indie music fan...i\'m not too big on them in general, really I only like modest mouse, but that\'s it XD

yeah, it seems like it, haha. i don\'t mind modest mouse. i like rock and alternative too.

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