A Few...

I've been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime, but there's only a few I'll always remember...

1st one of course... my childhood favorite -New Kids on the Block
The Rolling Stones for the first time-... well they're the Rolling Stones :D
The Prodigy- for the whole arena turned into a giant ravehouse it was awasome!
Suede- the last performer at a summerfestival, the lazy feeling and warm sunshine and the song Asbestos <3

Then there's Manic Street Preachers... Ah, the Manic Street Preachers... what can I say, I remember every single time I've seen them... 3 times in Finland and twice in Cardiff. The first time was 5.3.1999 the opening song was Everything must go, I was in awe...

But the most memorable over the top best concert memory and one of the best memories of my life was in Cardiff 2002 when they released their greatest hits album. I preordered it and at the same time participated to a competition to win tickets to their carling homecoming concert and a chance to meet them. Probably due to my weird name (for the Brits anyway...) I won. I was so happy I flew back to work to tell everyone :)

I have to say I don't remember any of the songs they played! I remember how they looked though and what the concert was like. All the time I was just nervous about meeting them. The band has been a huge influence on my life and I adore them to death. I finally met them and they were really nice and sweet and that was it :D

Unfortunately they haven't been to Finland for years, so the concert back in Dec 2002 has been the last time I've seen them ;___;
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Oh memories of concerts---first one--junior in high school--Doobie Brothers-some after that---Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, SouthSide Johnny and the asberry jukes, cheap trick---wanted to go to the Woodstock reunion about 7 years back--never happened---it was only a 1/2 hour from my home---the newspaper I worked for--I wanted to go and be able to stay in the work RV----oh well---took my daughter and her crew to see Good Charlotte, Reliant K and Simple Plan (I used the girls---told them so--I wanted to go--what better opportunity than to take a bunch of 15 year olds-myself and another mom--we had a blast!!! the other mom and I told them all---be prepared---we are going to embarass you--no sitting like bumps on logs---she and I were up and dancing-) Last one was Terri Clark at the Turning Stone Casino---great show--small venue---intimate---perfect--(one of her songs made me cry "now that I found you"---made me think about a man from my recent past---that brought out the true woman in me---as the verse goes--he took down my walls!!) Tried to hitch up with my sons and buddies to go see Sugarland couple weeks ago at SPAC---couldn't get the time off from work---next time! I love music---had the windows rattling in my house last night when I was cleaning----love it!!