i feel as though most concerts are unforgettable. no matter how alike the experience of going to a concert may seem, they are all truly different. (doesnt matter if you're seeing the same artist as a previous concert, it WILL be different)

however, my favorite concert was and still is Crosby Stills Nash and Young. my favorite band, with my bestfriend, with six hours of many other great artists preceding CSNY. finally, after two amazing hours of rocking out, my bestfriend and i were able to meet and hang out with these four incredible guys. *sigh*

pure bliss.

gypsysoul gypsysoul
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When I saw CSNY I was moved to tears...those four guys can rock (and sing and write and perform) I wish I could meet them also....Bless 'Em

I have seen them in concert numerous times. The last time was several years ago & I managed to get a seat about 4 rows from the stage. I was hoarse for 3 days after that! It was simply awesome!!<br />
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They were my favorite band as a young teenager. It would be simply awesome to meet them!! Wow!

neil young has a very unique distinct style, and obviously did very well on his own, but personally, i'm addcited to david crosby's voice. it's amazing.<br />
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listen to almost cut my hair off the deja vu album. that's where i really gained appreciation.

Of the four of them, Neil Young has always impressed me the most. How about you?