Went to a Few Actually.


Susie Q was my favorite since I was a kid. I was out of town working one time and she was booked to do a concert not far from where I was working. When we got to where it was being held I was surprised to say the least. It was a pub beer garden and it was not crowded. There was no where in the room you could stand and not see her. It was great I was up close and personal with one of my favorite. Got to love that!

Angry Andersen came to town. I had never seen or met the man so at the concert I got right up near the stage. When he came out I told my friend he was shorter then I expected. He heard me and straight away had a dig at me. (I'm all of 5' foot.) It didn't end there. He made digs at me through out the whole concert.

The Angels also came to our small town believe it or not. For us this was an event not to be missed. We don't get to many famous bands out where we live. People were standing on the tables at the back of the room trying to see and by the end of the night many of those tables collapsed. It was a great night out!

Kiss. Their last tour came while I was in the city with my new baby, born three months before she should have been. Somebody I knew won two tickets to their concert, but they were not the seats he wanted to sit in. So he bought tickets for where he wanted to sit and gave me the two he won. My best friend from home had moved to a place nearby, so I rang her up and asked her to go with me. She came to the city and we went to the concert.


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Aug 19, 2007