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My best friend and I went to see Placebo for their 'sleeping with ghosts' tour. This was- and still is- my favorite band. It was at the infamous Brixton Academy. This tiny venue full of all sorts of people. My friend and I were extactic. It was her first concert ever- and for me it was Placebo!!

We met two huge firemen who were really cool and chatted away to them and made good friends with them during the concert. They helped in shoving us all the way to the front of the mosh pit! It was mad. So hot, everyone screaming and going mad jumping up and down. The security guards squirting water into the crowd and into people's open mouths to keep us from fainting. Some were carried over the crowd to the guards when they were feeling less than on top of things.

I myself nearly fainted towards the end and had to get out of there. The band were amazing. The music filled you with euphoria.
After the concert we had a smoke, and it was the best smoke I have ever had.

It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life and will remian one of the best memories I have, one of the ones that instantly makes me grin.
FrozenFire FrozenFire 18-21, M Oct 31, 2007

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