Sunshine Highway

If i had missed this concert i would have been pissed at myself.

I can't quite remember the day but it was during Irish Fest 2009. My friends arrived there around noon, i think. The weather outside was cold and gloomy. The day throughout had scattered showers. Dropkick Murpheys were not playing to around six. We spent the time joking around and taking in the festivites of the day. We watched rugby, a boxing match, goat herding, saw dancers, eat fantastic irish food. Around five thirty we all head to the front of the stage to get good spots. There the Young Dubliners were playing before hand. Their music was good, low energy put fun. There i entered a small little mosh pit with some people.

After a while it began to grow dark and people all around began to gather around the stage. Slowly we say the equipment being set up. Mic checks, drum checks, insturment checks all being done. The energy began to grow almost to a bursting point. After a short introduction the Dropkick Murphys came onto the stage. The energy of the crowd was about to the burst. Then suddenly the began to play. Suddenly everyone pushed forward. The music blaired and mosh pits were forming. I could not pass up any of those chances. For the first time in my life i got to participate in a legitimate mosh pit. Never had i felt so alive.

Because it was drizzling out the entire day so eveyone there was wet and soaked. No one cared, everyone was just glad to be there and listening to Dropkick Murphy. After a night of moshing and Dropkick Murphys my friends and i all enjoyed a cigeratte. Everyone was tired, bruised, wet and yet extreamly happy.

punkrocker675 punkrocker675
18-21, M
Feb 27, 2010