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My First Concert

I didn't go to a concert until the summer after my freshmen year or college, about 9 months ago. I have always loved music but never really was able to go to a concert between all my work I had to do balancing out things like sports, theatre, school, etc. Well since being in college, surprisingly my summers have opened up a lot more and just last summer, my girlfriend at the time, my sister, a friend and I went and saw Train and Maroon 5, two groups which I'm really big fans of. Both of them were absolutely amazing, better than anything I have heard live in concert since then. They were incredible, great performers who actually did have the voices to back it up, not like many of these other artists who are so auto tuned that they're atrocious live. Since then I have been to multiple concerts, none of which have been able to compare to my first.
Kneth55 Kneth55 22-25, M Apr 7, 2012

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