All the Things She Said Came True

3 years ago I was surfing through the Internet and went to a chat site, there was a person named fortune-teller and he or she said "who wants to know the future?" I was like "me!" So we went to a private chat room. I don't know wheter it was a male or female, I didn't really care let's say it was a female. She said she will use cards to tell me my future, she told me to sit straight and concentrate.

I thought to myself  "whatever that is probably someone who is going to talk a lot of crap." But then she said "you have two close friends which have a big difference in age" that was right because I had only two best friends and the one was 13 and the other one 16. She said that the older one will find true love and be happy and the younger one will always have problems, it's true because the younger one had always problems with family and in love. Then I asked her about my love, she said that soon I will have a lot of boyfriends after another and leave the one for the other one, "I thought to myself noway I will never have a boyfriend!!!" She said that soon I will go very far away, to a different country. That was true because we were going to move to Canada soon. Then she said something that gave me hope, she said that I will find my true love in the country where I am going to move and I will meet him in an office. Before she left she said that I can always come back to her, and I gave her my cell phone number.

Weeks later I had a boyfriend, I was dating him for a few days and then I fell in love with an other one and dumped him. Then I cheated on the other one with an even cuter one. A lot of guys asked me out and wanted to be with me, It was hard to decide. I realized it was just like the fortune-teller said. So I assumed that if this came true then the rest in going to be true too.

Weeks later we got our immigration papers and moved to Canada. And after 1.5 years I met a guy and fell in love with him, and I met him over the Internet which is something like an office because there are computers in an office.

Everything that this fortune-teller said came true. But she didn't know me, my nickname in that chatroom wasn't even my real name there is no way that this person knew me. I went back to that chat room but I've never seen her online again, and she never called me.

GrueneRose GrueneRose
5 Responses Mar 18, 2007

Aw. Lucky.

i know great fortune teller. she helped me a lot with life, work, family, love etc related problems. when i saw her once i was amazed how she told me everything about me not even knowing me. i was shocked. she has 10 years of experience and is licensed as well. if anybody is interested her name is Dorothy and her number is 07407068195.

awesome! any chance of me getting in touch with that fortuneteller?

Do you know which chat room you found them in when you spoke?

Because you love Canada, lol. Glad you found someone because I think it would be kind of bad if you couldn't feel satisfied with someone. And why did you lose contact. Now I will never know my future. lol, J/K