A Astrologer Saw My Birth Chart!

So here are his predictions:

>>85% chances of starting my own business( I want to do this)

>>15% chances of a govt. job  (no way!!)

>>higher studies ( I plan to do an MBA)

>>love marriage at the age of 24yrs (people usually ask for this prediction  because still 50% marriages in India are still-- arranged)

>>my partner would be

   -better in looks

   -better in income

   -better in education

( I wonder why he would marry me..?? the astrologer did say he would be the so called true love!)

>>abroad settlement ( I am doubtful if this would be possible...!!)


--well.. all predictions are positive..!! but still I feel.. its more of what one does to his/her life that decides ones future!

>>I wouldn't really mind if all his predictions come true.. ;) <<

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