Just for kicks I went to see 3 different fortune tellers who did tarot card reading. I saw each of them with a gap of a few years in between. Although all of them told me some things that are true about my past even while I did not give out any information (that was impressive)and some interesting and intriguing things about my future, I was not completely impressed with them because I noticed there were some pronouncements that sounded generic and can be true for anyone. Also, it was obvious that they were looking for clues as to whether they were on the right track based on my reactions to what they were saying. Purposely, I tried to act unaffected. Lol. They also gave me advise that I thought were just based on common sense, more than from anything else. Nevertheless, I had fun and got a thrill listening to them guess my past and predict my future. It is interesting to note though that some of their "predictions" came true. :) I only believed those that I want to believe and took the others with a grain of salt. I have not gone to a fortune teller in a while. I have always believed that I am responsible for creating my own destiny.

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I had a contact once years ago,a simple phone number,fixed a time and date to call and listened to the small voice of a woman that I'd never met tell me everything that I thought no-one else knew!
After an hour,maybe more,she then asked for my address to send the cassette recording,(long time ago),I sent her the money and received the cassettes a few days later.
FIFTEEN years on I was having a good talk with my 22 year old son in my car and the subject of his future came up........so I played him part of the recording,(Yes my car still has a cassette player!),and what he heard from a 15 year old telephone conversation as the woman's voice spoke of his career and artistic activities simply soothed his anxieties and confirmed to him that I was already thinking of his future way back...........!
She was the only person I've ever consulted as I still have the cassettes and listen every two or three years to what she told me....it's like having an in-built pair of binoculars for my mind.

And so,no need to worry about the future of my children,nor mine.......I have verbal proof!

I live in Paris - France and the woman lives in the south.....never spoken to her since,no need!

Well I remained silent until the end when she asked me if I had any questions....I asked just one!

........no I won't say,but her answer I already knew!

....I can't say it here....millions of eyes will see!

I do it in 3's also

I like California Psychics. Pick Eve, Devyn, or Zariya.