I Don't Want to Know How How She Feels

My son has had some growing pains and has been in trouble from time to time.  One of the ladies I work with has a son, who is older than mine, but so very similar.  We have shared stories, advice and even some tears, helping each other through the latest trauma.

  Her son is older than mine, so he and his mom were always a few steps ahead of where my son and I were.  That was sometimes troubling, like when he lost his driver's license (DUI) and sometimes hopeful, like when he graduated high school and things were really looking up.

I went to his funeral today.  He was killed in an auto accident over the weekend.  It was 100% avoidable.   I don't know how she is still breathing without him and I am devastated for her and scared, no, terrified for my son.  I never want to know how she feels. 

Mikki Mikki
31-35, F
Jun 12, 2007