My Grandfathers'

It was my first funeral and hopefully i wont need to go to one for a long time.

It was hard because i hadnt understood that he had passed away until i saw his coffin lying there, it just came as a big chock, then seeing all my family
and relatives crying and sobbing that you heard their cries echoeing in the church. The most depressing part of this ceremony was that this was the first timeĀ 
that my mother,father, sister and i were reunited under the same roof in 16 years. Actually come to think of it, it took someone's death for us to be together even if we had conflicts and gave hateful glares at each other. To make everything more dramatic it began pouring outside when the ceremony was just over that we all gotĀ 
soaked to the bone.
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i remember this

I know where you're coming from, my grandpa shot himself 9 months ago, and then my friend took his own life, and recently my other grandpa died of 7 kinds of cancer. I went to my grandpa's funeral, and my friend's memorial service. Before the funeral even started, I broke down and had to step outside and cried for a long time. At my friend's funeral it was the same way. I try to be strong, but when it comes to people I've known so well, and that moment of true realization you'll never see them again, it's overwhelming. I'm sorry for your pain, I truly know how you feel, including about not seeing people together in a very long time, that's how it was as well both times. I didn't go to my recently deceased grandpa's funeral though, because I didn't know him, I saw him twice my whole life as a child, and don't remember his face, so I didn't want to go to a place or sorrow for one I didn't know. I think the hardest for me though, sorry to say, was when my dog died 2 years ago, she had been my best friend for 5 years, and losing her, I broke down and didn't eat for almost a week, just cried over and over. Same with a few years beforehand, she had puppies with birth defects and all 6 died, I was very young, and it was terrible. Death is a horrible but beautiful thing, but when in mourning it's painful to all, I hope you're doing okay, I'm here for you if you need me, and I'm sorry we haven't talked in so long, I've been holding everything in to the point where I didn't want to come on this site, because it made me feel weak, but I'm here now if you need me.