It Was Awesome

In May 2003 I saw Godsmack in concert along with Breaking Benjamin and Hed Pe! It was one of the best experiences in my life. Sully Erna (the lead singer of Godsmack) is so much sexier live than in pictures or any video! I reccomend everyone who loves music to see this band live at least once in their lifetime!

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

We saw Godsmack in 2003 as well at the X-Fest in Cleveland OH....they were amazing!!! We took our 9 year old son, it was his first concert. We saw Breaking Benjamin, Fuel and Cyprus Hill. We were right by the stage for Fuel...awesome! By the time Cyprus came on, the mosh was getting a little too wild for our son, so we moved back a little. When Godsmack came on, my son knew the words to all of their songs. He also got his first experience of seeing women flash their boobs at the band....boy did he like that! ;-) <br />
And, you're right, Sully is one sexy guy, especially when he plays the drums.<br />
Hey, thanks for making me remember that concert...I haven't thought about it in years.