Caught Naked By Police

I have always gone about naked from being very young , at a young age everyone in my neighbourhood knew i was a naturist , besides in the house and the garden I would venture in the back street and walk down to friends houses and also get led by friends to the playing fields.
I got away with my naturist ways due to a few factors like being baby faced and having the smallest penis of anyone i knew at my age , i went on holidays and would go naked on packed beaches and was very confident about my body.
When i left school at 16 i was still going naked but things were to change , one day I was tidying up in the back street behind our house when a police officer appeared he asked my name and age and asked if any of my parents were home, i said my mother and we went in the house, mother asked what the problem was the officer said he was arresting me for exposure and said we would both have to acompany him ,at the station after a interview i was sent away with a caution.
Two weeks later I was sunbathing nude with a group of about ten friends on the local park, i was the only one fully naked a girl did have her top off , a wpc appeared and said someone had reported a boy naked I said yes iam naked the officer arrested me and we went in the police car to my house ,mother was not pleased with me and less pleased when the officer said we both needed to go to the station and informed me in front of my mother that i was under arrest and advised my mother to also cover her breasts up .
We went to the station mother was not impressed it was a boiling hot day and she had to cover up with additional clothing, the officer and another WPC interviewed me under caution and then went out they returned with the sargent who said i was in trouble because i had already received my caution for the same offence a fortnight ago and that i would have to appear at juvenile court with the chance of being sent to borstal correction centre for young offenders or i could go on a day trip to borstal without going to court , my mother without asking me said he will go for the day, a week later i went for day correction it was like a boot camp with the cane also part of the punishment if was very intimadating with the regular inmates picking on me with my baby face and long hair and very tiny short shorts an skimpy vest they give me the nickname pretty boy and the volume went up with shouts and whistles when i did the cycle exercise and my penis kept coming out, they were watching me with intrest and i was finding it hard to keep up with the other seven boys attending for the day ,i was at 16 the youngest with some being 18 , we were told that it was a day correction visit but after an hour two of us were told that unless we bucked up we faced coming back again and also if very poor a one week stay would not be ruled out.
I was now panicking and panicked more at about ten thirty when i was called in for the cane I was told to sort myself out before being ordered to ***** off , i was to have six strokes which i was to take without messing about or extras would be added the cane come down and hit a lot harder than at school by number four i was shaking and crying I was determined to stay still for the last two the last one stung like mad and i could feel the stripes ,i was told to put my shorts and vest back on, i rejoined the other boys in the exercise yard and within five minutes another boy was taken in for the cane, i was still crying and was being teased by the other boys for crying when the other boy come back out he was also crying and another boy was called for i again caught unwelcome attention when we had to do knees up and my penis decided to appear some of the inmates made it clear they wanted me alone I put on a smile and tried to laugh away my problems ,we had dinner in the main all and i was encouraged to take my shorts off so the inmates could see me under the table I did this and got cheers i was scared and was happy when dinner was over and back outside to do some more exercise , it lasted till three thirty when i was called into the punishment room again for another six strokes four of these were for nudity and i again took them with a degree of bravery but i did cry with the strokes catching areas caned earlier in the day, once we got to four thirty we were all called into a room were the boy warned with me during the morning exercise was told that he had to return the following week for another day ,we all got told to ***** naked and go for a shower which was at the other end of the centre a officer led us down past all the inmates this was embarrasing we were all naked and the towels were waiting for us at the showers i was given a ribing for my tiny penis by all the other lads when showering and for my red bottom which had taken 12 of the best afer drying we were allowed to leave and my journey home in the car telling mother everything what had happened during the day,she said you can have 12 of me with the cat of nine tails but we will wait till your bottoms better,i had already had about 50 with the strap of her over a week following being caught, what an experience.
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jeez you are a glutton for punishment I had the cane at school but never more than 6 a day and was rare to get it more than once a week we used to behave till our ***** healed .