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My Mom Spend A Whole Day In A Nude Beach

Hello, I'm a boy (17 years old) student, I live with my dad and mom and sister (14 years) and brother (10 years), my mom is 39 years old, she is beautiful, shy, polite, kind, decent and respected woman, she never did anything bad, she wear modest clothes, all her behaves are so grave and wise, all people respect and ask her for any problem.

But I don't know what happened to her!!! About year ago she told us (my dad, me and my sister) that she went with her friends (females and males) to a nude beach and spends the whole day completely naked at the beach... Her male friends show their admiration of her butt.

My dad became angry, but after time he said to mommy: please don't do that again... My mom said: Ok, it will be the first and last and ONLY time in my life to do such low, shame and humiliating act.

From that black day till now the image can't be deleted from my mind (my mom completely naked and hundreds of strangers looking at her body holes)... Sometimes I fall in crying... I can't be attention in my school... I always think if my mom repeats that shame again.


skyhere skyhere 16-17, M 8 Responses May 8, 2010

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u know all i can say is..your mom may be the best mom but she is a person to and must grow like you may have been a one time thing..she is still the same person she was before..time for you to grow

Dude, be happy your mom had a good time. I'm sure her guy friends had a good time starring at her great butt. She probably made fun of your dads little penis by comparing him to the well hung guys she was hanging round with. Let he go again

Society has seriously wronged you. You think of nudity,and the only thing that comes to your mind is people ogling each other and strutting around pridefully. Kiddo,it's NOT like that. The vast majority of people who go to the nude beach are just there to enjoy the elements the way nature intended. Pervy comments,leering,sexual innuendo and deviant behavior are all HIGHLY discouraged on any respectable clothing optional beach. I was about your sister's age the first time I went to one,and everyone there was absolutely proper. In the years since,I've seen some voyeurs and weirdos stroll onto the beach from time to time,but the regulars usually chase them off in a hurry. Go to the AANR site and read the things they have to say. Regardless of if you agree with it or not,at least you'll have some idea of what we're about.

Nothing is wrong with nudism. I am a closet naturist

Don't get so worked up. Going nude on a nude beach is not bad. She is a good woman, and going to a nude beach and being nude there doesn't make her bad at all. Forget it for now. You'll understand later in life that it is no big deal.

Yeah, I saw her at the beach...we ALL did...the whole beach was full of guys! Everyone said how hot she is...You should be proud.

What's so wrong with your mom going to a nude beach? It is just the human body. There is nothing shameful about it.

What's so wrong with your mom going to a nude beach? It is just the human body. There is nothing shameful about it.