First Time Was In College

My best friend "Kari" and I went to Florida for spring break a few years ago. I managed to talk her into going to a small ***** of beach where we heard people went nude (it was not Haulover Beach, BTW). So we went down there in the morning. She was wearing a bikini and I was wrapped up in a sarong. We found a spot near some rocks and spread out our towels. She sat down and looked around, seeing what was going on. I unwrapped myself and stood there for a moment.
Kari looked up and me and her face turned bright red.  "What are you doing?"
"Its a nude beach," I said.  "Im getting naked."
"Youre crazy!" she said and stretched out to work on her tan.
I sat down next to her and looked around.  The beach was pretty small, but there were about twenty or so others there.  Most were men, average age about 45, I guess.  There were a few women there, three or four 20 somethings and some older.  Almost all of the men were totally naked and most of the women were topless.  I think there were about three of us ladies who had nothing on.
After a few minutes, I think Kari was feeling out of place being the only girl with her breasts covered.  She untied her top and set it to the side, but did not let it get far from her hand.
We stayed there for a little while, flipping over from time to time, then I stood up and announced that I was going to splash in the water.
I could tell Kari did not want to get up and walk around.  Being topless off to one side was one thing, but walking in front of everyone was more than she wanted to try.
I went anyway.  I walked the short distance down to the water, feeling the cool breeze on my skin and the sand between my toes.  The water was warm on my feet as I stepped into the surf.  Sadly, the shore was a little rocky once I got into the water, so I couldn't do much more than splash the salt water all over myself.
I turned back toward the beach and saw Kari was right behind me, her bikini top still sitting on the towel were she had left it.
I let my eye wander across the sea of sunbathers and caught a couple of the guys checking us out. 
Seeing them seeing me made the rocks that were gouging my feet hurt a lot less.  Kari and I waded out a little deeper into the water.  She scrunched herself up so that just her shoulders were visible above the water.  We splashed a little back and forth and then headed back to our towels.
A couple of the guys waved or nodded or said hi as we passed by.
When we got there, Kari could not put her top on fast enough.  I wrapped the sarong around myself and chuckled a little. 
"What did you think?" I asked.
"It was fun," she said, but I dont think she enjoyed her first time as much as I did.
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5 Responses Jun 30, 2011

did anyone take photos of the 2 of you?

Sounds fun! i'm going to my first nudie resort tomorrow with my wife.

They must of had an amazing view because your profile pic is really fit. Have done it since?

My experience has been that most people get a real kick the first time they try it.

Apollo beach maybe? I was there once, but it was a cold rainy day. I ******** off for a few minutes just to say I did, but it wasn't a day for frolicking on the beach.