Me On The Nudist Beach

Here are photos of me on the local nude beach which is very near where I'm living.

haha ... sorry if that's a bit disappointing ... but that is why nudism isn't quite as popular here as in other parts of the world ...
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That's fabulous, raised a giggle on a dreary sunday morning!

Aw, I was tricked! Hah, ha. Almost like when a woman says I want to show you a pic of my *****. And then she sends over a cat.

I've been to the nude beach at Studland near Bournemouth and Dorset. It was quite crowded on that warm day. Any chance that's where you were?

no ... a bit further east ... :D

I do hope that you make it back there with a lot less on when weather permits.

could be months yet at this rate, had snow again this evening!

That is just depressing. Our last snow was about a week ago, but it is supposed to be down to around 25F tonight.

Agreed from Ohio.

Back when you posted this it was funny, but now that it is April 3 and we are still dressed like that it has lost some of its humor! SPRING PLEASE

totally agree!!! I was out this evening and it snowed ... it's just not funny any more.

Here in the Northeast US, we feel your pain. It's in the low 30s ( F) and windy. :(

kkkk... fantastic!

I love this. Made me chuckle :)

You are nakie on the beach, Woman! Your nudism is just temporarily not available. We all just want a raincheck. ;-)

That would be a raincheck with no raincoat...just an umbrella.

Yes, I was temporarily out of order that day!!

Love it!

I'm glad you were amused!

So disappointed! lol Where is your stiff upper lip! We expect you naked next time, I have been nude on Studland and Leysdown nudist beaches in October and February!

I have my stiff upper lip well covered by an Aran scarf!

One can only hope that the scene will look much more appealing in Summer.

It will be lovely in summer HS ... I might even take off my coat!

I can't wait. :)


Love the pics, brrrrr it looks a bit nippy!!! :)

indeed it was!

I can't wait to see the same shot in Spring, Summer, and Autumn.

haha .. well maybe I'll be wearing a few less layers!

I can only hope.

damn! I can't believe I clicked on this!

lol ... gotcha!

life's a beach... :P

Haha! Nice got me! :)

thanks for stopping by calibeachnudist ... not much like california is it??

Your pic and my avatar couldn't be any more opposite! :) But at least you can say you were there :)

haha ... very true! perhaps, if I go back to this beach a little later on in the year, I can post better photos!

Tick tock..tick tock...better weather yet? JK.. :)

haha ... this is England ... the weather is definitely changeable ... but unfortunately not that quickly!

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Have you noticed not even the seagulls are around? *looks at WIB over his glasses* ;o)

They were around ... I did see them ... but they didn't look very happy ... lol

I can`t say as I blame them!

Looking sexy sweetie!


hahaha ... yes, indeed one my best looks ... mwah!!

Yes she does have a cute nose, don`t she? ;-p

I'm very shy don't ya know!

Oh shy is sexy. ;o)

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Wait, I see a small amount of skin showing! Get that scarf wrapped around your face. What are you, crazy?! Oh! and don't forget the sunscreen!

I must be more careful! lol ...

Well you are naked under your clothes. I love my imagination. ;-p

aw thanks DEG ... I love your imagination too!! ;)

Oh if you could only see inside my..................... DEG shut up!

oh my! what a give away!! **blush**

*shuffles off in humiliation* .................

**runs after you** ... I didn't say that I didn't like what I saw!!

*mwah* ;o)

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Well, its winter. DUH!

no! really? I wondered why it was so chilly!

Go back there next summer for another set of pics! Tehe

you never know Ricki - watch this space!!

Now that's funny.

thanks for stopping by showstar! hope you weren't disappointed!

Not at all. In fact it helped make my day. The Penguins winning completed it.

By the way ..Nice legs!

*giggles* <3

are you giggling at my birthday suit sonnet!??

I can't see through the seven layers of clothes you've got on. :)

you can use your imagination and then you may giggle!

I very much doubt that, sexy blissful woman. ;)

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Hi bliss....where is your beach located

south coast UK :)

At least u tried!!!!!

I get lots of browniepoints for the effort!

Really, Bliss?! BROWNIE POINTS?! Now we have to think about how you scored those on a nude beach! ;-)

haha ... in making the effort to go to a nudist beach in mid-winter when it's snowing ... I think I deserve credit for that don't you?? ok ... I didn't take off my clothes ... but ... well ... at least I was there!


I'm so glad you appreciate it! :)

lol nice one wow wouldnt want to be naked there

thanks for the comment beastman ... not very revealing ... but I tried!

No disappointment Bliss .... we all know you're nekkid under that Eskimo outfit !!! .... LOL

this is true AAL ... I have to leave the rest to the imagination of the viewers!

*giggles* How funny! Seeing the title I was like damn Mrs. Bliss is all brave putting nudie pictures of her adorable self in an open story, then I was greeted with this.

hahaha ... got ya! but AAL is right ... I was naked underneath the layers!