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The day after we were skinny dipping in the pool, I talked to my sister-in-law's husband Michael about going to a nude beach since we have one near by and also another clothes optional beach.  Michael thought it was a great idea as he had never been, but felt that Kath (his wife) wouldn't have the courage.  I later mentioned this to my wife, who said that she had been talking to Kath.  Kath asked a lot of questions about our experiences and seemed to want to but kept saying she didn't know if she could go through it.  That night, we announced to both Kath and Michael that we were taking them to the beach in the morning. Michael asked if it was the nude beach, but I had decided that since Kath had some fear, we would go to the clothes optional beach instead so that Michael, my wife and I could go nude, and Kath could take her time to get comfortable before trying. 

The next day arrived and we got ready quite early in the morning.  I put on just a pair of shorts as did Michael.  With no bathing suits we were going for it.  My wife and Kath however, had bikini's on under their clothes.  My wife had decided to help Kath to slowly get comfortable rather than embarrass her with all of us nude and Kath not.  I disagreed with this as I thought that the best approach was for Kath to see all of us comfortable with being nude in public and therefore realise that it was no big deal.

We got to the beach around 10am.  There was hardly anyone there.  A few people walking along the beach clothed.  A couple people on a morning run.  As we walked along the beach to find a place that had some seclusion, we walked past a guy (nude), a family (wife and young kids clothed, husband nude), and a young couple, (girl topless, guy clothed), another older couple (both nude).  We found a spot near the older couple.  Immediately, Michael and I took our clothes off and layed our towels down.  Michael seemed excited at what he had just done and decide to race into the ocean while I put up the beach umbrella.  Kath took off her t-shirt and shorts but left her bikini on.  My wife did the same.  I then joined Michael in the ocean while Kath and my wife layed on the towels and put on sunscreen.

After a while, Michael got out of the water and I followed.  As we did, a young couple (girl topless and guy nude) was walking past.  When we got to the girls, Kath said to Michael, "I bet you did that deliberately?" Michael asked "What?" Got out of the water as the girl was walking past!" responded Kath with a smile.  "I didn't do it deliberately, she was just there!".  I started to laugh, and couldn't help but say to Kath, "Well at least he's naked so she could have a good look.  You're still in your bikini having a good perv at the naked blokes".  This resulted with my wife saying to me "Give her a break, its new for her.  She's not use to it".  Kath will get there when she's ready". Michael shook his head and said that he was enjoying himself and he and I sat on our towels.  Kath being a little hurt by my comments (I think!) got up and walked towards to water.  As she reached the edge of the ocean, my wife asked me "Why did I have to be so rude?". Feeling bad I told my wife that will apologies to Kath when she gets back.  My wife then joined Kath swimming. 

While the girls were swimming, Michael started to comment on some other people that were coming to the beach.  The couple that walked past us when we were getting out of the water, was walking back.  The girl was now nude holding her bikini bottoms in her hand.  There were a couple of guys also walking along the beach nude with backpacks on.  Another family had set up near us.  They were clothed.  Then a couple of guys with their girlfriends were coming up the beach.  They were clothed and fooling around, having a good look at all the nude people.  As they approached, I noticed that Kath and my wife were getting out of the water.  Kath had taken her bikini top off.  I called to Michael to tell him.  As he looked, we could see Kath and my wife close to the beach edge, but they were laying down.  Then my wife stood up and she was completely naked.  The guy's with their girlfriends, stopped and had a good look at her.  Kath then stood up and she too was naked with her bikini in her hand.  The guys started to check her out as well and then got a push from their girlfriends and told to move on.  Kath and my wife happily walked up to us in all their glory.  I couldn't help but congratulate her.  Michael gave her a hug and asked her how she felt.  She said she felt great and free.  I then made a comment to my wife about getting out of the water while some guys were walking past.  Kath immediately responded, "well if it good for you, its good for us".

We stayed there for a few hours, sunbathing and swimming and had a great time.  Quite a few people arrived at the beach.  There was a mix of clothed and nude.  We went for walks along the beach nude.  My wife and I walked past the guys and their girlfriends as they were walking back.  The guys had ******** off, while one of the girls was topless.  It looked that this was their first time also.  When Kath and Michael came back from one of their walks (and they did 3 or 4), Kath commented that she could believe that she had done this and that she wished she had done it sooner.  With that we went to the beach (clothes optional) a few more times and visited the nude beach before Kath and Michael's holidays were over.

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6 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Very good experience, a clothing optional beach has some defy, as some people remains clothed, but is fantastic anyway.

I'm a life-long nude beach-goer who is proud to say that there are 6 people who have tried it because of my direct intervention. The experiences varied,but one thing all 6 have in common is uttering the phrase "I wish I tried this sooner" at some point. This is a wonderful first time story,and I would hope it's the beginning of a tradition that can be passed down to the next generation. Enjoy many summers to come,and don't forget the sunblock! ;)

As a young nude boy, growing up in a nudist fam., I had friends over lots of times to swim in our pool. My Mom would always ask the other boy's Mom if it was ok for him to swim nude at our pool. Most of the time, it was no prob. and after the 1st time, Mom really didn't have to ask again. Two of my friends started going to the nude beach w/us and we had a blast. They have both become nudists and we remain close friends!

Very good story of you friends first time.

Very nicely written, sounds like a great time for all, and a bit sexy as well!

I've been to a few nude beaches, but my wife had never been. I convinced her we should try when on holiday. We arrived very early in the morning, when there was a woman going topless and a few men clothed on the beach. To my surprise, my wife went nude almost immediately. We had a great time, meeting a few other couples. Just chatting seemed so natural, even though we were all naked. Now we can't wait until the next chance we have to visit.

Sounds like a great time. I'm envious.