So I've been an at home nudist for a while now, but never really been outside naked with like-minded people.
It's summer and I wanted to start off slow, maybe just do a nude hike in the woods to get comfortable with being naked outside, so I looked up the closest nude resort in my area and went at spur of the moment.
It was great, I was really nervous when I arrived, but by the time I found a parking space I'd already seen so many naked people that it felt normal to ***** down and walk to the nature trail in the buff.
I did my walk, which got me a little sweaty, then went to the showers near the pool area to wash the sweat off. The pool area had about 200 people at it, all naked. It seemed so natural to walk around, everyone just acting like they would at a clothed resort.
I'd recommend doing this kind of thing to anyone who's an at home nude, but wants to experience it full on. Sunscreen is a requirement!
Expo84 Expo84
31-35, M
Aug 16, 2014