Adults sat in a tight circle of chairs; they spoke about then and now. Laughter broke out every now and again.
Teenagers stood far away from the adults, leaning against the cars, smoking in silence.
Kids played across from the adults, picking up broken glass bottles and throwing rocks at each other.
As soon as night came, the music was the teenagers. Loud metal pumped through the old barn and outside into the fields. As soon as my oldest brother came, boys’ eyes stared elsewhere. We started our own mosh pit and sung at the top of our lungs, anxiety faded quickly.
Once my brother tires out, we make our way to the side of the barn and sit in the dirt. He takes out his phone and we listen to music that we want to listen to. blink 182, The offspring, eve 6, linkin park, 5 finger death punch, green day, three days grace, ect. As we listen we watch the chaos, that we call a party, go on.
Fireworks light up the night sky, and the noise muffles our music.
The police come, and the dj cranks up the music even louder. Drunk people stumble to their cars and kids run around kicking a soccer ball in the dark. The adults listening and enjoying the loud rock music interrupting the neighbors. I take a sip of gin, and instantly regret it. Laughter ensues as soon as I make a face.
The women ask the police man if he is a ********, the man gives a confused look and walks back to his car and drives off.
Psychos all together in an abandoned barn, music pumping through the air, smoke from cigarettes and the dirt filled every ones lungs
Heavy metal filled ears. Smoke from cigarettes and dirt filled lungs. Memories of the past filled peoples heart and mind.
The psychos reunited , for an amazing party!
CaliforniaPsycho CaliforniaPsycho
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014