Today, I Went To A Psychic, Who Apparently, Really Did Have The Gift!

So I wrote a couple of stories in "I can only change myself". Basically, I was having a dilemma on whether to stay in my marriage or leave. I was set on leaving, but after talking with my husband last night, I was more confused than ever. I had very little time to make a decision, since he was coming down (he works in the adjacent state) to move stuff to the new house in two days. After spending countless hours reading relationship information, I still wasn't sure, so I went to a local psychic (I live on the gulf coast if you want the info). I have been a couple times before, but it was mostly for entertainment.  Anyways, the first thing she said was, "I sense a broken heart." Well, yea! I just told my husband I didn't want to be with him anymore. Now, mind you, I did not say a word to her about me or my situation. So, the next thing she said was, "A male, a little older, is having trouble with you wanting to take care of yourself." Oh my gah, since I told my husband that one big reason for me wanting to leave, among others, was that I was never on my own or had independence, and I felt I needed that. So, she continued on with specific information that was dead on...that I had a big decision to make, that there may be a move (relocation), details about his personality and things he had went through. The precision of all this was starting to overwhelm me some, and when I was feeling it inside, she even sensed that, though I was doing a heck of a job hiding it. She could also apparently sense loved ones on the other side, and she did mention two, but I really didn't know any of my deceased relatives. So I went there, hoping it wasn't just for entertainment, and to hopefully gain some insight on my decision process. She told me that it was my completely up to me whether I stay or go, which I knew, but she also said it (my relationship with him) was meant to be. If I decided to leave though, I wouldn't regret it if I chalked it up as learning experience...but I would regret it if I was afraid to get hurt again. If I decided to stay, we'd definately need to work on communication skills, but he'd be the foundation for improvement in many areas for me.  Also that his past mistakes were due to the fact that he didn't truly understand that women are wired differently. And that there was a personal transformation...hubby says he had a life changing experience a few months ago. She even mentioned the two kids that we have. At one point, I broke down with all this "truth", and she was so thoughtful and caring. This was a powerful experience for me and well worth the twenty bucks it cost.
tinydancer81 tinydancer81
26-30, F
Jul 15, 2010