I've Been To A Couple Of Psychics Ages Ago...

One lady I went to read tea-leaves and she described the place my parents lived at, eg. their house was in a culdesac and went off in two opposing directions so I thought that was very perceptive of her, considering its not something that could be easily guessed... she also told me we would own our own home (I doubted her as we had no savings set aside for a house) but we certainly did  buy our own home without a deposit..she told me we would travel a long distance away (and I was thinking, yeah right, don't have the money) but we certainly did manage to do that as well...anyway, the last time I visited her she said to me "you end up with everything you wanted" which is a REALLY lovely thing to say to someone because since her other predictions came true, I took this one to heart and now i'm always careful about what I think I want these days ;-)


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im gonna see a psychic for the 1st time in less than two weeks.........i hope to have a good experience......your lucky in getting everything you want eventually eh! We all gotta be careful for what we wish for I guess.

ahaha now you're careful! <br />
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