First Time

We had all we needed- ecstasy, colorful bracelets, and an invite to a rave.

We parked the car a couple blocks away and walked to the place designated on the invite. It was a warehouse. All the doors were locked and no lights were on. We could faintly hear music though. We wondered if we were late, and they weren't letting any late arrivals in. Just to be sure, we walked around back to see if there was another entrance. Near a loading dock were two big guys in black shirts. As we approached they asked us what we were doing back there. I thought we were about to get mugged. Turns out they were just the doormen. They ushered us through a small back door and told us not to linger outside, as this could attract the attention of authorities. We climbed three flights of poorly lit and heavily worn stairs. Upstairs was the actual entrance, it was $10 to get in. After a big black X was drawn on my hand, I entered.

I found myself in a decent sized room with a wall of speakers, a dancefloor, and an area with a bunch of couches to chill out. I ate my ecstasy and had a conversation with some people while waiting for it to kick in. There was so much diversity there! There were all wakes of life. The best part- everyone was getting along. I've never seen so many different people co-existing. Everyone wasn't on E, so their behavior can't be attributed to that.. When the ecstasy started to kick in, I did some dancing, which was a jolly good time. The rest of the night consisted of me dancing for about four or five hours. I think my favorite part of the whole experience was just knowing that no one was judging me. Everyone was there to have a good time and meet new people.
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2 Responses Oct 8, 2006

cool!!!memory!!!! mine was kind like that too.. but idk y most of the ppl think dif... if they nevar nad one... so they can said wat they think hehe!!

raves are too fun.. and i LOVE them, but god dose the XTC **** with your body.