An Evening Of Nudity And Sex, a 50th Story And An Epilogue On EP...

This is our 50th story and after some consideration, we think it should be our last, at least for some time. We have been writing on our passion to be nude, to be nude in public, to be barefoot in public, to be without shame for our sexuality and in particular to increase the pleasure of sex by sharing it with other people, to make sex more of a social event by not hiding away when you live out the wonderful sensation of becoming aroused.
Many of these aspects come together in the holiday town Cap d’Agde in France, which has a separate large naturist part and a very erotic atmosphere, including an adult beach. We like to go there, as will be evident from about half of our stories… But this last account is from the famous swinger club in Holland, Fun4Two: we are members there. Also at that place a lot of the activities we like come together.
Last Wednesday, the evening before the public holiday of Ascension day, they opened for an additional evening and we also went there. It was a very busy evening in the club and one of the immediate undressing type: upon arrival everyone had to change in erotic lingerie. We like that very much and put on our nearly completely see-through skimpy lingerie. Not for long, after a drink we went for the wet part of the club and there all clothes must be taken off… So we were in our favorite outfit of complete nudity and jumped into the very full hot tub. Filled with couples, we mean, quite actively playing with each other. Very soon we felt hands touching our genitals and we responded enthusiastically. Groping, touching, fingering was going on among the couples and everyone became very excited. A hot woman pulled my hand into her *****, my penis was stroked by different hands, my wife looked as if she was having an ****** already. After some time we embraced each other to allow my penis to enter her, for a short episode of intercourse, like most couples do there. We climbed out of the tub by the stairs, I had to show my erection to all persons around but I did not care at all. We went for the steam bath room, dark, very wet and slippery but very hot with lovemaking all around. And again, there was a helping hand to excite anyone even more while you’re playing with your partner. My penis was taken in the warm mouth of a young lady while I was fingering an older woman. After maybe 15 minutes of such action, we were a little overheated and went for a break at the sauna bar. I ordered drinks while I was nude with an erection, the lady at the bar just smiled when she gave the drinks. We sat there to recover but some couples were quite active even there, without inhibitions doing all kinds of oral action in addition to having a drink. Next we went to the large massage rooms and fortunately immediately a central massage bed was empty. We installed us there, starting an extensive massage session, with a lot of oil. In turns we massaged our nude bodies, in this large and quite open space, dimly lit but everything clearly visible to everyone. When I was lying on my back and was strongly erect, my wife inserted my penis and started a long and intensive ride. Over her shoulders I could many people watching with interest, this was a sensational turn on. I could avoid to ****** and we changed positions. After some time we started to **** in the missionary position, our nude bodies fully entwined and fully oiled, for a very long time, moving in the rhythm of the soft music. Maybe it was 20 minutes or so, until a strong ****** put an end to our show…
We think we have touched upon most themes that we would like to share with other people, in this and the preceding 49 stories. Nudity is such a pleasure, in particular in a social setting. And with the necessary respect and tolerance, this may well continue into openness about your sexuality, about the pleasures of playing with each other’s bodies, overcoming any useless shame associated with such activities. Sharing these pleasures does even intensify them and opens a new world of freedom form inhibitions and intimidation, making you more clear how wonderful a human body can feel and behave. Just be free from clothes, shoes and inhibitions and experience what happens. ‘To be able to be nude and then act on your desires is an unbelievable feeling’, a friend of us said.
From the EP community we had a lot of encouraging responses and understanding so far and we were able to encourage others. We shall go on with that by reading and commenting, maybe less intensively, because we also have busy real lives, professionally and sexually… We both worked on the EP account, which was maybe confusing but it still took a lot of time. Moreover, it seems to us we’re beginning to repeat ourselves.
The EP community is generally interesting, more than we expected, though there are the occasional preferences we certainly do not share, those with p’s of course and we were also really impressed by the huge number, many thousands in many groups, of men having the desire to show their wife to others and to offer her for any sexual use by anyone. This seems to be a turn on for all these men and although we really like to see each other enjoying sex with another partner, we do not really understand the deep desire just to share your wife. We surely want to have fun together, we always have sex in the same room and we like others to be present, just to increase the fun.
After 50 stories, 250 groups joined, 750 friends, 125 comments made, some 8500 points (for what that is worth…) we shall have a regular look at the site, comment or answer when that seems useful and wait to see whether our European ideas will spread in America. Strangely, this EP site is on important life experiences but sexuality doesn’t really seem to be so welcome, though it certainly is the most important experience of humans. To hide away everything with lock and key for potential young visitors is such a strange idea, the internet is full of content, much more explicit and easier to access than this site, which must be really boring to young people. Still, any miniature logo showing a bare breast or so was removed by fearful censors…
We shall follow the site, being less active, and hope for a free and naked future for anyone who would like so, filled with joy and excitement.
Cor & Pas.

CorPas CorPas
25 Responses May 20, 2012

Hope you do decide to add some more stories. I've enjoyed what you've written thus far very much, particularly those about Cape d'Agde
We spent a holiday there in the late 70's but as our two young daughters were with us we didn't indulge in or see any public sex. It was however the most relaxing holiday I've ever had despite the fact that the sight of beautifully trimmed ***** everywhere I looked, caused many erections. Totally shaved ***** was rare in those days, although my wife's dark pubes were part shaved with the remainder trimmed very close.
I particularly remember how good it was to shop naked and have erotic memories of a shop assistant demonstrating how my wife should wear the pareos we purchased for "maximum" effect.
Keep up your nude life style, I hope to read more in the future.
Many thanks and good *******.

I get what you are saying. Yes, North America is filled very earnestly with prudes and for the most part, not very sexually liberated. There are a lot more people that are Afraid of what others might think of their naked bodies and people that actually think it is totally wrong to be nudists. I have Have faith though in another 50 years this will change , because there is a bigger amount of young people that have more self esteem than their parents and are more open minded. And.... I have infact talked to a few younger nudists that have belief structures similar to yours. Even I am working on changing people's thoughts, by expressing a sexual openness with people that I meet and educating people about several things that will make their experiences as nudists better. I am having some really good responses and will continue, spreading the word.
I believe we have awesome bodies and should never be ashamed or shy to show them off. If Anything very boldly show them off :)

Great story !!!!

Great story . i like the idea of being openly sexual in front of others , instead of making love behind closed and locked doors. and it funny how a boob exposed in scandalous here in the US. cheers to you and your sexy hot wife !

I enjoy what you wrote, and hope you don't check out entirely. I've never found a more interesting site than EP....

I think your philosophy as absolutely spot on. And I must visit that club too

Very well said and for once John will type the rest: We live in Spain which is still quite a bit conservative and sometimes wish to live in the Netherlandss or in Germany However, Cap d' Agde is not too far away. I will read your stories one by one and will comment and of course rate you up as a thank you note but also because this helps future readers to separate the good experiences from the stupid badly written stories. As always, John (and Tina)

Thanks for all the stories, they have been great. Hopefully from time to time you caan write another after a hot day of sex. Please add me. Thanks again.

Enjoyed your writing.

Read 'SEX AT DAWN''s all in there!

Sex and Religion are about contradiction......simple!

Yes, it seems strange that in the USA (a country founded on the ideal of freedom) sex, nudity etc is such a taboo!! I'm not a Yank basher..My son is 1/2 US and I have always enjoyed my time in the states. But I do find some of their stuff strange. The prudish mid west mindset and also their attitude to funding schools are just way off!! That being said I wouldn't want to live anywhere than in good old OZ!! AB

your a very talented writer..i enjoy reading them

beautiful feelings and beautiful stories!

Thank you for your stories and your uninhibited views on life. My desire is for my wife to loosen up and enjoy uninhibited sex. It doesn't have to be with someone else but it's OK with me as long as we are all in the same room. Sharing to me is for husband and wife to enjoy each other and others as you two did in Holland. My wife is a native of Rotterdam.

Maybe it's because we are both open about nudity and sexuality but have chosen different ways on how to act out our desires that I have always loved reading your stories, peeking into a world unknown to me, allowing me to learn about your unique experiences. I'm still hoping that someday you'll get back to writing more stories but until then I wish you all the best for your future endeavours and thank you again for sharing your stories with us! :)

CorPas, this is the first story of yours that I've read. I think you have an important message and as I was reading it I was thinking that if the US politicians and the politicians of other governments could work together with the same attitude toward one another that you have expressed here, there would be little need for armies and war. My attitudes and changed greatly in the short time I've been here at EP. I was raised in a very conservative religious household and my views as a youth were very stilted since that was all that I had experienced. While it would be difficult for me to embrace you philosophy completely and immediately, I see the wisdom in it and if I were younger, would adjust my life to accommodate everything you have touched on in this article. Thanks for posting this important message, I will read with interest all the articles you have written about this harmonious life style.

Thank you so much, William, for these wise and encouraging comments. Though we do not pretend to have a political message, we indeed feel that there are some deeper meanings in the acceptance of human beings, being less initimidating towards each other and showing more tolerance. Allowing people not to wear clothes if they do not want so is one thing, the potential sanctions from any supernatural being may not convince anyone and it's their own life they live.
We really look forward to more comments on our lifestyle of nudism and liberal sexuality.

A great story; I happened upon this as your final story, but I will certainly go and read the others. You sound like wonderfully open and honest and HUMAN beings -- so many of us are afraid to be human and be ourselves, or are "forced" by society or otherwise not to be ourselves. I'm envious of your relationship, but it is a good kind a envy! Be well. Thank you in advance for all that you have shared of yourselves.

Very well written, so intelligently & eloquently.

My wife and I have been nudists for years but never had the opportunity to 'swing'...frankly she is totally turned off by it and doesn't really have much with me except on special occasions and/or when we vacation at nudist resorts...which causes me to want to go even more...<br />
<br />
I have been friends with some couples and/or partners who enjoyed the nude at home or barefoot and naked life...they (as do we) have not children so being naked all the time and even sporting an erection by the men is not a big dear, except that the women usually enjoy us guys flaunting...<br />
<br />
Also...see my story "I thought it was about nudity" which will explain our relationship with 'sissy' from some years ago...<br />
<br />
Stay Naked but Stay Safe

I can only imagine such freedom I think the whole world should be nude, after all we come into this world nude<br />
would love to be your friend please add me

2 down and 48 more to go ... your stories are at once erotic and informative, and from what I can tell ba<x>sed on my experiences, which barely come close to matching yours, without distortion. I am looking forward to reading the whole collection, and, maybe when I have finished, you will once again get the writer's itch.

I have read your stories and appreciate the idea that you are trying to convey. I support your ideas and hope you have many more fun experiences

Thank you Cor and Pas for having shared with us your 50th story and we wish nothing but the best to the both of you as you continue on with your sexual bliss.

Thank you, manualleyva!

I am sorry to read that you will not be writing more. Your writing will be missed. I hope that, at some point, you will reconsider. Thank you for what you have written to date. Have fun.