Great first experience at the swing club

My wife and I were definitely into the swinger vibe at one point and we decided to go to a local swingers club to see what it was really like. The hardest part was the online research and finding a place that got good reviews. We certainly didn't want to go to someplace that was going to be some uncomfortable sausage fest with scummy guys trying to touch her all night without permission.

Luckily, lots of couples-only places exist near us and we picked one. After that, it was just a waiting game for the weekend. We both got more and more excited about the prospect of what might happen as the day got closer, and that entire week was filled with some of the hottest sex of our marriage. The only day we did manage to keep our hands to ourselves was the day before of course. Wanted to save up a little energy for, well, whoever!

Once we got there we had to go through a bit of a newbie process, signing waivers (Warning, you might get ****** tonight!), as well as being given a rundown on the rules of the house. Overall, it was fairly nice, and the couples in attendance were also nice. You'd be surprised how easy it is to talk to people at these functions. I guess everyone being there for the same reason gives you all a social glue or something.

The biggest surprise was the age spread, every age from early twenty's to fifties were there, but on the dance floor it was no big deal, not many people were naked anyway, at least they weren't supposed to be according to "the rules". We figured the girl who gave a couple of throat strokes to her friend didn't pay attention to that part of the orientation but no one seemed to mind. We ended up talking to a few folks but didn't find anyone we wanted to play with that night, but we still had our fun.

An hour later found us downstairs in the "naughty" area, near the entrance so everyone who entered or left had to walk right by us, both buck naked and ******* doggie style. One couple in particular stopped right in front of us, not two feet away, and just watched me bang away at her while she moaned. It was the hottest and most intense thing I'd ever done up to that point in my like and I loved every second of it, later on, she admitted that she felt the same. I really thought at one point that he was going to reach out and grab my wife's ***, but he and his wife seemed content to just watch me pistoning in and out of her.

I finished inside her, and we went back upstairs after getting dressed, had a few more drinks, and left after I was OK to drive. Overall, it was an amazing night.

The thing that sticks out to me the most was that we never touched another couple, and there was never any pressure to do so. We actually would have, but it just didn't happen and that was OK, and we still had a great time. Orgasmic :)

If your wife is on the fence, show her this story and maybe she'll go for it. It doesn't always have to be "all the way" to be a sexually mind blowing good time that you'll never forget.

seacatsd seacatsd
36-40, M
Sep 15, 2012