Swinging In The Mile High City

I was fortunate to be in Denver this past weekend and decided to check out a swinger club Sunday afternoon. This particular club is apparently very popular with many themed party nights and as is usually the case, very expensive and selective for single males. I have visited the Red Rooster in Las Vegas several times and always enjoyed myself there, so I decided I would visit this particular ranch on Sunday when things are more casual and the cover charge is the same for everyone.
Upon arrival, I was greated at the front door in what appeared to be a bar area. I had to fill out some paperwork and listen to some rules before being free to wander and check the place out. Apparently, the club was a restaurant at one time as you started off by the bar and then went around a corner to your left into what appeared to be a large dining room. There was also a small room off of the bar area with some pool tables.
I saw there was a porch out back off of the dining room and stepped out there to find a gazebo, a large teepee and several covered beds scattered about the yard. There were a few naked people lounging on some of the beds and one couple going ******* doggy style with the female moaning so loud, you could have heard her a half-mile away. I found the hot tub way around the corner to the left outside and decided to go check out the lower level
Now, this is where it gets a little strange, you have to cut through part of the kitchen area to get to the stairs to lead down to the lower level. Once down those stairs, there is a room off to the right with several beds in it along with a small bar area. If you turn right out of that room, you go into a large very dark area with several draped beds with some seating outsideof the beds in the middle of the room. If you continue back around towards the stairs, you pass a large shower area.
I made the rounds a few times until the crowd began to get larger and decided I would take a soak in the hot tub. I ******** off my clothes and hopped in. Within a few minutes, three couples came along to get into the hot tub too. Suffice to say, this hot tub is probably meant to hold 4 people comfortable, but there were suddenly 7 of us jammed into it.
I was sandwhiched in between a friendly blonde lady on one side and a nice brunette on the other. Their husbands/dates were sitting up on the edge of the tub with their legs and feet in the water.
Everyone introduced themselves and within minutes I felt a hand on my left thigh that would occasionally brush against my now begining to grow ****. I reached over and rubbed the blonde's thigh and let my fingers touch her ***** lips. She grabbed my **** in ernest while I fingered her *****.
After a few minutes of this, everyone was getting hot (temperature wise) and we decide to get out and play volleyball at the net that was very close to the hot tub. One of the husbands headed inside to the bar which left six of us, three per side to play volleyball.
After playing for about 15 minutes, everyone was hot as the air temperature was near 90 and we all took a break. I went in to get a drink and noticed the blond had joined in a small pool in the large gazebo. When she saw me, she got out and said the pool was cold and it felt good to cool off. She also asked if I wanted to play with her, but that she was a "soft swinger" who would do everything, except ****.
I told her that was fine as we headed in the club and down the stairs. She chose a bed in the main area downstairs and said her husband would have to be able to find her. As soon as we lay down on the bed, several people seemed to come out of nowhere to watch us.
We explored each other's bodies with our hands and our mouths as I ate her ***** until she was moaning loudly. Her husband had appeared and pulled up a chair to watch. After I got her off a couple of times orally, she said it was my turn, and climbed up on me and gave me a Grade A blow job while another guy fingered her *** and ***** from behind.
She sucked my **** until I was ready to explode and she took every last drop of *** before rolling off of me and laying beside me. By this time, there were at least 10 people watching us, including a couple on a nearby bed. As the crowd began to disperse, I noticed the lady on the other bed began sucking off a guy while her husband watched. This went on for several minutes with her on her knees and her *** and ***** pointing right at me.
It did not take long for my **** to respond again and I asked if it was okay to finger her from behind. The husband said yes and the lady nodded as she continued sucking the other guy. I began fingering her ***** until she began moaning and writhing around a little bit. I then asked if I could **** her and the husband/date said yes, but only with a condom. Fortunately, I had one handy and rolled it on and plunged my **** home into her juicy **** as she continued working on the other guy's ****.
I pounded her hard for a while and shot my load into the condom at about the same time the other guy errupted into her mouth. I pulled my **** out of her and the husband/date immediately entered her from behind too. He pounded her for a few minutes, before pulling out and rolling her over on her back, where she pulled her knees up in the air and he entered her again. Once, they were done, I decided to go upstairs and get something to eat.
After I ate, I went back down to the lower level and found the group I had been in the hot tub with. Everyone was going at it with each other and they welcomed me into the ****. I was fingereing ******* and sucking on **** when an announcement was made the club would be closing in 15 minutes. This was an immediate buzz kill and eveyone disengaged and began to get dressed. Unfortunately, the club closes at 8:00pm on Sunday.
However, if you are ever in Denver, you should check this place out, either as a couple or a single male. It was as good or better than the Red Rooster.
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The Scarlet Ranch. It is on the south side of Denver in Littleton, CO.

what is the name of the club>??????? I would love to go.. Going to denver the first week of oct..

Swingerscouple - Ratio was probably 85% couples, 5% single ladies, 10% single males.
The entire place was clothing optional, whether outside or anywhere inside.
Probably 7-8 cabanas outside, one large teepee. Inside, all the rooms were downstairs: probably 5 cabanas in the dark area and 5-6 beds in the big main room. Not sure if there were any private rooms anywhere as I never saw any.

what was the ratio?
how many single male?
by reading I could tell its clothes.
how many rooms?
for us she loved Thads in San Diego.

Thanks for sharing your experience CFmn. I appreciate your true experiences. I was particularly intrigued with the soft swing lady!

By the way, my wife and I traveled through your town last week. See our latest story on sex in the hotel window. It was something she wanted; I was only happy to oblige.