Not My Idea Of Fun!

My best friend had the "brilliant" idea to go to a sex club. We thought it would be fun to dress slutty and see people having sex. We were so wrong. It was a dingy, dirty, very gross place. Men were following us like dogs. One man was ************ on a couch. In the dungeon BSDM games were going on in a glassed in room while others could watch. The whole thing was very surreal and not hot at all. I've always considered myself an exhibitionist and I'm really sexually liberated but the sex club thing just didn't do it for me. I did get on the pole and dance with only undies on, which was fun, but it wasn't fun when I looked down and saw creepy old men whacking off! I think I'll stick to doing dirty things behind closed doors with only my lovers.
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7 Responses Dec 4, 2012

You go girl love your work , I've been to one and I really loved it, I've been going back ever since that's the best thing about being bi

You just went to the wrong place there are safe places that are clean and respectful


What do you think would of made that experience better?

Now you know at least I guess. Never been myself but the "idea" was interesting. Care to share what city your experience was in?

San Francisco! :)

Didn't happen

Indeed, it did!

not what you had expected? Often the reality doesn't live up to the dream.. You tried, you lived, you learned..