The Perfect Job?

I used to be the House Photographer in a swingers' club. It sounds like the perfect job, doesn't it? But having to be there every week and not always being able or getting the chance to play - I have to admit, it got tedious. I got to watch some great sex, even got to photograph some of it, and occasionally I got to play, too, but often it was just boring. Much better to go along now and then and always have some fun!

There were three stand-out nights. One, where I was cross-dressed, I got to watch and ********** as two other cross-dressers serviced a hot woman on a stirrup-bed while her husband watched. One of the trannies had one of the biggest, most gorgeous ***** I've ever seen in my life - I SO wanted to suck it! The second highlight was being slowly sucked off by a really hot BBW with another guy watching intently. And the third was doing 69 with an older woman, with her on top and spurting freely into my mouth and all over my face and neck - I was drenched!

My gf and I are looking for swinger clubs or nights in Cornwall or Devon, particularly in the Plymouth area, so if anyone can offer any leads...

56-60, T
Feb 20, 2010