Our Little Neighborhood...

I live in an interesting little neighborhood; its kind of like a little "Peyton Place" of the Southwest. It is a small neighborhood of about 80 large homes (smallest being 4 BR/4 Bath) out in the "country" each home situated on several, hilly, wooded acres. It has a country feel to it but is within commuting distance of a large and still rapidly growing city. I guess you would call it an "upscale" neighborhood consisting mostly of CEOs, doctors, lawyers, college professors and other "upper middle class" families escaping with their kids what they perceive as the deterioration and problems of the inner city public schools. It is an almost all-white neighborhood (my wife is Asian as are two others - otherwise everyone is white as are almost all the kids in the schools).

Now as to the interesting part - my neighbor across the street is a nice looking, successful, fun-loving, hard-drinking doctor from Ireland. His blond-haired, blue-eyed wife is from Chicago and I am sure at one time she was attractive but she has seen better days. Presently, she is well past her prime and has had probably far too many prescription drugs. The Irish doctor-husband has had numerous affairs since we moved in (he has told me about a few and one can always tell when he has a new flame because the few hours he is home he walks the dog at all hours with his cell phone in his ear - why else would a husband be standing at the corner with his dog on a leash talking on his cell phone at midnight every night for weeks unless he has a new girl friend? The dog must love it when he gets a new girl friend because otherwise he is never walked) and periodically gets his wife an expensive new toy (car, jewelry, fur coat, trip to the Caribbean, etc.) It works for them - he has his affairs and she gets monetary rewards I guess for not bitching too much. In addition to the monetary rewards my wife thinks she is screwing all the service people who come by - you have never seen a house, even a big house like their house shouldn't need the constant attention this one gets. Almost every day there is a plumber or pool man or yard man or handy man or delivery man, etc., etc. who spends half the day there. My wife is convinced she is screwing all of them.

Next door to them is a good looking blonde (if you like the type; I am partial to brunettes myself) married to nice but kind of a wimpy guy. In fact, the Irish doctor (who does go for blondes) has the "hots" for her which makes his wife jealous. I don't think she is screwing the doctor, however, because she is screwing her builder, the builder who built her house (and a few others in the neighborhood). Its common knowledge within the neighborhood that she is banging her builder; she isn't overly discreet about it so I assume her husband knows and accepts it.

A couple of houses down the street is a rich heiress and her husband (who also inherited a lot of money). She is having an affair with a guy which is also common knowledge but in this case the husband is not so accepting of it. The wife is gone most of the time (probably screwing her boyfriend) and the poor husband must spend his time alone wanking off to **** videos because some of the boys in the neighborhood (they have 3 boys) got their hands on some of them and were watching them (needless to say some of the other neighborhood boys including some of my boys watched it with them). I think they are ultimately headed for divorce. Screwing around can be a good thing when both husband and wife are "on board" but it is a bad thing and will destroy a marriage when one spouse is cheating on the other.

A little further down the road is a sexy looking, recently divorced Vietnamese woman with two girls who has just married and moved in with a white engineer. The scuttle-but is that they are both engineers, were both married (she to a Vietnamese man and he to an American woman) and had an affair which resulted in their each getting a divorce and now married to each other. She is good looking but kind of a "cool" customer; he strikes me as kind of a dork. They haven't been here long enough to do anything "interesting" yet so nothing to report on their "goings-on", at least not yet. If I wasn't reformed (I stopped chasing skirts after I married Su) I would try to bang her myself. I used to love the challenge of a good looking, cool ***** who pretended she didn't want it (but both of us knew she wanted it just as bad as I).

A couple of houses down from them is a very attractive, sexy woman who used to be a pro football cheerleader on the nearby pro football team here. The husband is a lawyer and a cool head. She is good looking (another blonde so not really my type but everybody else thinks she is hot) and works hard to maintain her looks and figure. They have two boys and a girl. We like both of them and so far don't know of either of them screwing around on the other but next door to them is a female judge who is married to a man who is rumored to be gay. The female judge is having an affair with a local attorney which is fairly well-known throughout not only the neighborhood, but the entire town. I assume the gay husband is having an affair with his gay lover although I haven't heard the details on that relationship. They are headed for divorce and a custody battle (two kids). That should be an interesting trial - a gay husband vs. a cheating judge-wife who is having an affair with a local married attorney (who will also be going through a divorce simultaneously). Damn! That sounds like a script for a tv show.

Across the street from them is a swinger couple who regularly have swinging parties at their home. About twice a month there will be at least a dozen or two dozen or even more vehicles parked at their home while they entertain, sometimes for the entire weekend. They haven't been here very long and I want to get to know them better but my wife won't have anything to do with them, at least not yet. My wife is generally not prudish, nor "holier than thou" but she is conservative and I guess this is just a little too much too close to home for her to accept, at least for now. Hopefully, as I get to know these people better I can have something interesting to write about regarding their activities. So far, all I know is that they are swingers and regularly entertain. Maybe I will have more to tell at a later date.

A little further down the road is the other Asian wife in our neighborhood married to an Anglo. She is from Taiwan and although somewhat attractive, not a knockout by any means. Her husband is an engineer and I like him but he is a small guy and not particularly attractive either. Both are very smart as are their kids. Anyway, she complained to my wife that her husband wasn't ******* her anymore and was staying up late at night watching **** while she lay in bed alone (and horny, I am sure). She asked my wife for advice who asked me what I thought. I told my wife to tell her to work out and get in top shape, start wearing skin-tight shorts and pants, let her hair grow long (preferably dyed blonde), get a boob job, shave her *****, buy some mini skirts, stop wearing panties, bring home some XXX movies for them to watch together, suggest to her husband that they swing and begin giving him regular massages and blow jobs. I told my wife that if she did all those things I guaranteed it would re-awaken her husband's sexual interest in her. My wife says she passed on that information but I think she must thought my wife was kidding because I haven't noticed any change in her and the last word from my wife re her Taiwanese friend is that her husband still isn't ******* her. Last time we visited, however, they had an interesting couple over - a recently married anglo guy (another engineer) and a very hot looking Korean babe who had very little on. I thought she was hot and a "player". I guess I paid too much attention to her because my wife gave me hell on the way home for being too "friendly" toward her. I don't know why my wife is so jealous sometimes; I have never even considered cheating on her. Sure, I would love to swing but not without my wife being fully on board.

Finally, maybe the best for last on the other side of the neighborhood is another swinging couple. They aren't as open about it and don't have the regular, large parties that the other swingers have, but they are known to swing. He is an okay guy I guess, friendly enough, but kind of dorky and not at all attractive. She, on the other hand, is gorgeous and very sexy. I will just give her first name - it is Lynn. She has beautiful red-gold hair, blue eyes, very fair skin and an incredible body. Petite, slim, fit, big **** and nice legs and ***. I have a friend, a sexy, always horny Eurasian named Laurie, who has been to one of Lynn's swinging parties. Laurie said in addition to the usual swinger couples who were there, that she had several black men there for all the wives to enjoy. I must admit that sounds like my kind of party. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to persuade my wife to go to any of her parties. Although my wife likes Lynn she has vetoed any swinging parties or any swinging for us. Sometimes, I wonder if I married the wrong girl (just kidding Suzi if you by chance stumble across this)...

Thats all I have time for now. We have some other interesting neighbors (like the guy married to another heiress in the neighborhood who drives around all week end on his riding lawn mower drinking beer and hitting on all the wives - so far unsuccessfully I think), but they will have to wait for another day...

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Is the swingers name John and his wife carrie who died in a car accident???

Love it. We need to move in your neighborhood. We would fit right in!