I went to a U2 concert just hours after having 3 wisdom teeth pulled. The surgery had been scheduled for several weeks. I had been in intermittent pain for about a year and was finally convined to have them pulled.

I had not planned on attening the concert. I liked U2, but never got around to purchasing the tickets. As I was collecting my things to leave for the oral surgeon's office, a friend called. He had an extra ticket to the concert and wanted me to attend. I was elated! It never occured to me to turn down the invitation.

  The surgery went well. A friend drove me home where I loaded up on percocet and slept for a few hours. When the doorbell rang that afternoon, I woke up easily, and greeted my friend. I was ready to go. I had not looked in the mirror. Although I felt fine and well medicated, my face was swolen to twice its normal size. My friend laughed but did not object to my insistance that I was fine.

  I showered, applied makeup and styled my hair. I took a few percocet and stuffed some in my pocket for later. There were a few strange looks at the concert, but all in all, I have no regrets. Bono and the guys were incredible. The event turned me from a casual fan into a true devotee of all things U2.

  Since this event I've been able to enjoy many drug-free U2 concerts, but this one will always remain my favorite U2 experience. 
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36-40, F
Aug 28, 2006