Last Night

Rush RUsh RUSH!

Left work at 5:20, picked up little ones from Abuela's and then ran home to meet up with teen. Showers, snacks, dressed and out the door running. Stopped for batteries, can't go to a wedding without a camera, and off again. My little brother was getting remarried only this time he did it right. He's been dating her for a couple of years now and his children have really grown attached. She's quiet but seems very nice and make him happy. They did the church thing, guess they both found their god, and good for them. It was a small, family only, ceremony in a cute little church. The pastor was very nice, except when he hugged me... JK. I'm not a church person but if it makes him happy and gives him peace then I'm all for it. He seems calmer and just very happy and that makes me happy. Because the wedding was at an odd time they are having the family and friends over today for the celebration. I'm going to print a few of the pics and frame them as a gift. Haven't been to wedding in some time... nice to be a part of.
mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Jul 31, 2010