I went to my little cousin's wedding today.  I think the wedding was nice but could have been better.  I really did enjoy the fact that they chose to get married because it reminded me of a time when things were a little more innocent.  both the bride and the groom are 21 years old and I just think that at a earlier time that would be expected but in this day and age its rare.  It truly was a beautiful wedding and I hope that for the sake of earlier times that it lasts untill as the vows say "death do they part".  I and mean this literally and not the way that society has interpreted this saying.  Most people say that the death part could mean the death of the marriage but I wish them a long and prosperous marriage and that the only way the marriage die is if and God for bid, one of the two dies.  I say this because their age and wedding reminded me of a time when things were worth working for and I hope that there marriage will do the same
uncommonlysweet uncommonlysweet
26-30, F
May 5, 2007